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TTC February 2013 - Valentine's eggies Lock Rss

I'm due to O around end of Jan/beginning of Feb, so thought I'd get this thread going for those that missed out in January or starting TTC in February!

FX ladies!!! Hopefully we get good news in time for Valentine's Day (or conceive on V Day!)
I started taking my pill to move my AF for the wedding, which means I'll get an O not long after Valentines day I think.

FX and super sticky baby dust!

We are going to start trying for bub #2 in Feb. Were going to start end Jan but AF didn't cooperate. My cycle isn't completely regular, is still sorting itself out after having DD, so not 100% sure when i O (or how to work it out for that matter....) But we are only just starting to try, so just going to go with the flow next month and see what happens....

I will be in here TTC#1 cycle 14 hope everyone gets a BFP this month

joining you all here for cycle #6 hopefully we will all have some success next month grin:D
Hi not sure if I belong in this one or the jan thread..but will be testing bout the 1st-2nd week of feb we are trying for bub number 2 cycles are all over the place..we have been trying for almost 3 yrs since our son was 8 weeks dust to us all xx deb
We are trying for #4 (lost our twin girls November last year) ovulating 4th February have only been trying a month or so but missed ovulation date last month! Fingers crossed for next time smile

Hi Ladies. going to move over here from the Jan thread. This will be cycle #2 TTC. O is due on the 27th so only a few days to go. Hopefully we get some private time this weekend but we have a lot on with DD's 3rd birthday on friday and party on saturday plus another birthday party to attend. FX this is our month.

Thanks 4 Surprises! Actually, the first time DH and I went 'all the way' when we started dating was when he bought me sexy lingerie. It must have magic powers!! tongue
Luvlee we might be cycle buddies! Looks like today I'm finally free of AF and my app tells me O should be Feb first. Incidentally my bday is November 6th and I was conceived when the diaphragm got a hole on Valentines day!!! Magic things happen in February lol. Hopefully for us all anyway wink

Aah I can't wait for February! Had I not started taking my pills, I would have O'd before DF got home, got my AF on honeymoon, and O'd after DH ( wink ) left! I'm so glad I remembered that it would be a good idea. Now I'll have my "AF" before the wedding, and I've timed it so I should O while we are lapping up the sunshine in Noosa.

I really hope it's a honeymoon baby for us, that would be so perfect x

Good luck Becaful with the honeymoon fx. I'm moving myself to this month cycle 6 for us. . Trying for #1. I am due to O on 30th Jan. baby dust to all.
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