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TTC February 2013 - Valentine's eggies Lock Rss

The joy and the pain of TTC right beside each other.

So sorry Fave Aunt - can imagine you must feel pretty devastated. Be good to yourself, you deserve to be a bit selfish for a while and just think of you. All the best.

And a big congrats Mrs F, can feel your excitement. I'm glad someone else got a BFP, this month did seem a bit thin on them (I thought the same last month too). Surely these boards are due for a cracker month of BFPs - come on March, gift us those Christmas bubs.

Eeeeeekkkkk brought a test while doing the groceries and just had to test when i got home!!!

I Got my BFP at 19DPO... came up almost instantly


Eeeeeekkkkk brought a test while doing the groceries and just had to test when i got home!!!

I Got my BFP at 19DPO... came up almost instantly

yay! congrats! thats wonderful news

awesome stuff love!!!! and fave auntie, hugs love xxxxxx
Fave Auntie, sorry to hear that. I hope you can get your health sorted, at least you won't have the worries of "what if i can't handle being a mum" etc, because you know that you will be a lot better when you do start TTC again. Its still a blow though, and I am sorry. GBH to you, take a bath and relax tonight, treat yourself, you deserve it smile

Mrs F, CONGRATS!!! So excited when i read that, am so glad for you guys smile All the best with your pregnancy, don't stress too much about it you will be fine smile So exciting!!!

Living the dream, I will be here till Sat too. AF isn't due to show up till then, have a 32 day cycle and with Feb being so short i kinda fell off the end of the month. We will prob be the only ones though...

im still here smile even though af was due wed i havnt tested, just see how things go smile
Congrats MrsF!! All the best with your pregnancy!

Sorry to hear Fave Auntie. But you never know, while you're focusing on your own health the bub may just happen naturally when you least expect it!
Oohh v exciting pumpkin and fairy girl - esp if you're a couple of days late fairygirl!

I am not so excited about myself as I got another BFN this morn. sad So not really holding out any hope but am very interested as to what is happening with my cycle. I have never been late that I can remember, however this is the third cycle after miscarriage so I'm aware that I shouldn't probably expect 'normal' yet. I guess my hopes were up because I was right on my usual 28 days last month.

Ahh well I look forward to hearing both of your news tomorrow. smile
You may as well all head over to the March thread now; seeing as it's 1st March today wink

OOh, fairy girl, AF is late for so many people this month!! Hoping she is a no-show for you smile Your very patient though, can't believe you haven't tested yet!! Hope when you do its a BFP!!!!!

Living the dream, im sorry to hear about your BFN, but as long as AF doesn't arrive there is always hope smile How many days late are you? I don't really know, but i thought that by the third cycle you should be pretty much ok though right? Hope you get an answer soon, the not knowing sucks!

Kel, i know its the 1st, but i figured woulds stick to this one for a couple of days wink Might pop my head in to say hello though....

well AF is due right now and i got a rather confusing result using my last HPT this morning. (we are stopping TTC for a few months) but i wanted to just make sure as my blood test would've only been about 2 DPO when taken. Today is about 13DPO. ( i have no idea when i O'd. its been a weird month)

Theres a line there but its so very light and half white half pink. Thinking it might be an evaporation line?

Will have to test again tomorrow if no AF.

I would try again, but kinda looks like an evap line, but i've never seen one on any of my tests like yours.

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