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Mummies with kiddies close in age Lock Rss

Just wanted to ask some mummies out there who have children that are close in age how they found it. DS is nearly 7 months old and DH and I have decided to start TTC #2. I now im ready to I just wanted to know how other mummies with kids close in age have found it.

I love it, I know everyones different but my kids being close in age makes me smile because I see how good they are together... sure they can be draining and keep you on your toes but you show me any child that isn'

Theyr each others bestfriend and occassionally worst enemy, they look after each other at school, the younger one always looks up to the older one and learns faster by competing or trying to impress the older sibling.
There's so many advantages to having them close together and I wouldn'thave wanted it anyway smile

We started TTC#2 when my dd was 9 months old and got pregnant straight away. They're 18 months apart and are best of friends. Almost 6 & 4 1/2 now!

I loved it and still do. I guess it came naturally as I don't remember having much difficulties... My first born was like a perfect baby, toddler and now such a bright girl which made having a second so easy. She's without a doubt a very easy child to have around...
My other two are cheeky and mischievous!!!!

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My boys are 13 months apart and I wouldn't have it any other way. They are auch good little mates. Ds1 says to ds2, "I love you Noah, you are my best friend" melts my heart every time smile

I have four children and the age gaps are 15mths,20mths and 16mths. The age gaps are great in many ways as I have never had to deal with jealousy over new arrivals. The all love the same things and it's easy to entertain them but it is busy and finding cars that fit four under five adequately is hard. Traveling anywhere on a plane is like organising a production but in saying that we managed to pack our lives up and move countries when I was 34weeks preggo. Luckily we only had 3 then hehe
thanks for all the repllies ladies. some of your stories are so cute. defiently put my mind at ease a bit about having a second bubba so close. i know its going to be alot of hard work but by alot of what you ladies have said they will have a great relationship being so close and thats what i would like.

Ilovemylilbugs wrote:
This threads just reminded me of something unread over the weekend grin
I was on the uk daily mail site am came across a article of the smallest age gap in the uk...... 6 months!! Her son was was like a few weeks old when she fell pregnant and then she had her little girl very prematurely at 24 weeks making a age gap of 6 months!!

I know pointless post but thought I'd share laugh

I haven't had a small age gap like that and I don't think the twins count lol

omg 6 months! thats crazy.

i have a friend who has a 10 month gap between her 2 youngest and DH and his little brother are 11 months apart. i thought 24 months was too close lol

My boys are 11 months appart. Although I was a bit scared when I found out, It is the best decision we have made! Like the others said, they are the bestest friends. They follow each other around and share everything. They are now 12 months and nearly 23 months old and it's easier now because they both walk and feed themselves.

Another plus to having kids close in age is that while pregnant, you can nap at the same time as the eldest. My 23 months old doesn't do nap everyday anymore and being pregnant, I find it more exausting to not have time to myself.

Also, you get to do all the baby stuff at once.

Everybody is different and you should do what you think is best for your family, but personally, I do not want my kids to be more than 2 years appart smile

My middle 2 are 19mths apart, and TBH it was much easier than the 2yrs9mths between the first two. They are best mates, everything miss3 does, miss2 copies - even to the point of being fully toilet trained!!
My next bub is due when my youngest will be 2yrs 6mths, so will be interesting!
DH wanted all our kids 18mths apart as that is what he and his lil bro are, and the always have got on so well - still do! But it wasn't to be...2 misscarriages between the first 2, another loss at 18wks last year....
I pretty much did the same thing. Dd2 started childcare at 12mths so that is when I reduced to just morning & evening feeds. I never introduced bottles as I believe there's no point by that age. You have a couple of months up your sleeve so you can do it gradually so Bubs gets used to it (and so your boobs can too smile )
ROO76 wrote:
I was told i couldnt have kids and after having clomid i got twins and then when the twins were 6 months old i found out i was having another baby so when they were 15 months old there little sister came into the world i feel like i have triples its alot of work.

LOL. This is virtually me but it happened the other way around. I had a boy then when he was 5mth old I fell pregnant with identical twin boys, they were born a little early hence I had 3 boys under 14mths! As they got a little older everyone thought they were triplets too.

Lots of hard work. Lots of nappies, lots of late night feeds etc etc. They are now 13 & 12x2.
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