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TTC but dont want a Christmas baby? Lock Rss

We are TTC , but I dont want a Christmas baby... does anyone else think that Christmas babies ... miss out ?? Parties and presents and stuff cos of Christmas....?
I started TTC in March last year, didn't think I'd get preg straight away or I would have waited a month to get past xmas/new years! My baby was due on Dec 28th and was born on Dec 30th grin

No advice on if she will miss out and all that, but it's a ship time of year for bday parties once she starts school!

She will have her bday separate from Xmas and will get as many presents as my other kids do even though it's only 5 days later smile

I am having the same dilema. We desperately want a baby but I don't want one due around xmas, which I will be if fall next month. Not only is there the whole sharing a bday with xmas thing but my whole family have a week away together just after xmas. We missed out last year as I was miscarrying so I really don't want to miss out again. It's my fav week of the year & I look forward to it all year. But on the other hand I think well beggers can't be choosers. And how can I bring myself to not try when it's what I so desperately want? Really don't know what to do! Fingers crossed I get a BFP in the next week so I don't have to worry about it but I am not feeling very confident sad
My baby was due 22 Jan- well and truly away from christmas. But, despite best laid plans, he came rather early- 22 december!! We are going to keep both birthday and christmas separate so he doesn't feel hard done by. We were just delighted to be having a baby, and have him come safely, the date didn't matter in the end. Tho he was the best christmas present we will ever have!!
I am on the same boat. Not so much because we don't want a Xmas baby but because we go away on our honeymoon in May to Hawaii, and my sisters and Mum both got really bad morning sickness.
Don't really want to be going through that on our honeymoon. But it feels like wasted time trying if we stop now.
We didn't give itmuchthought wen trying for DS1 because we'd been trying for so long and honestly didn't stop to think about when the bub would be due depending on the month we concieved. We ended up concieving in April, giving him a due date of January and all through the Christmas period that year I was praying that he would stay put. Luckily he did and was even born late so he ended up being right near the end on January. After that experience I kept the timing in mind when trying to concieve DS2 and DS3 and would have skipped TTCin March. Luckily though it was never an issue as we pretty much managed to get pregnant straight awayboth times. But I certainly do think people born around Christmasmiss out. I see it with family members and friends. I know immidiate family try to do there best to seperate the two and make the birthday special, but extended family members and friends don't always seem to make the same considerations. I even have a SIL born in mid January and people still try to give her combined presents and I know it pisses her off smile

My birthday is a couple of days before Christmas. I hated it as a child, getting birthday presents in Christmas paper, combined presents, and all my friends were always away because of the holidays.

But my Mum says having a baby and being in hospital over Christmas was the best present ever.
Tbh I wouldnt care, as long as baby is healthy. Since we been trying so long, wouldnt want to miss out a chance. smile

My older girls were born on the 29th and 19th Dec in consectitive yrs. We are trying to keep their birthdays and christmas seperate. Dd1 had her first party last yr on the 29th Dec and all her friends were able to turn up, so was very thankful for that. Dd2 will have her party around her birthday too so hopefully wont have a prob either. Dd1 has already made it clear that she doesnt like that she has to wait a whole yr to get presents, as her 2 youngest sis are both July babies and so get pressies further apart. The girls were planned but didnt work out the all 40 week time frame otherwise prob wouldnt have been trying in March lol.

I Love my xmas babies!
dd1 28th dec and dd2 3rd jan
xmas is such a happy time and family are always around. Daddy is on holhdays so home with them 4 bdays and its such a warm time of the year!
When TTC our 2nd we decided to stop trying in April so we wouldn't get a Christmas baby, but, that particular month I ovulated 10 days early, so we DTD in what I thought would be a safe time, and turns out it wasn't and I was pregnant with a bub due 23rd Dec - she came on the 22nd!

So far, she hasn't missed out on her birthday (shes 5yo), I have told family that we will not doing anything Christmas like on her birthday, that she will not get birthday presents at Christmas and that she will not have joint birthday/Christmas presents. I make sure her birthday is special and just for her, like it is for my other kids.
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