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Ovulation Lock Rss

Each month I have a 28 day cycle and always have, over the past couple of years every 3rd or so month the cycle jumps to a 30-35 day cycle! I have been doing ovulation tests each month and even with the random longer cycles the sticks are still telling me I'm ovulating but it's day 19-20 instead of day 14 of the cycle. What's going on? Does anyone have any insight... Thanks in advanced I appreciate any input
I guess everyone is just as clueless as me about this type of thing!! Haha
My period is so irregular, like i can go 2-3motnhs without it, and then i can it every month but then stops for yonks lol iv had 3 girls and ttc my 4th...everyone is different but just keep going and it will happen smile)

this is what I found on a page when I was having a google at something for myself

Unfortunately this is a myth that many still hold on to, including healthcare professionals. The day of ovulation differs from woman to woman and can even be different from month to month. The “14th day” thinking appears to come from either taking the average of when all women ovulate or from someone just dividing the 28 day cycle in half. However this myth got started, it is not an accurate way to calculate ovulation, because many women do NOT ovulate on the 14th day of their cycle.

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