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TTC but have pcos :( Lock Rss

So I'm currently 8days over due but all my home preg test r coming back neg I went to the doc this morning n same thing neg I'm so upset I just wanna know why I'm late now he said he wouldn't do a blood test because he thinks I'm def not preg I told him I've had my period on time for 11 months I'm every 29 days but he wouldn't listen just said it could b my pcos I'm even more upset cos when I found out I have pcos I was told its ok its only in ur right overie but this morning he reed over my notes n said it was on both overies. I'm crying I'm devo I have a 5year old daughter so I'm very lucky to have a child but I don't feel complete sad I'm more concerned now why I'm late normally a week before I'm due my boobs are sore but this time nothing I'm concerned now
Hun, as hard as it is to accept, unfortunately with PCOS it can come and go. You might have a few months or even years when you are regular and everything seems normal, then for whatever reason cycles go out of whack again. Ovulation can be delayed by things like stress, illness, weight gain, excessive exercise to name a few. It's possible you ovulated late or that you haven't ovulated at all yet. I've been on the roller coaster ride of PCOS so I understand how disheartening it is when you think you're "late" and you're not pregnant. As hard as it is, I would wait at least a few more days or even a week and then re test. Home tests are very sensitive and are therefore quite reliable. Good luck in TTC

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Yeh it's very hard for me to get my head around it cos everything been perfect with my cycles I even did ovulation test n was ovulating in the time we were trying the dr I saw tis morning was just rude how did u fall preg did u go on fertility drugs I'm very lucky I have one but not complete sad
The ovulation test strips can be a bit hit and miss particularly when you have PCOS. Yes, I used fertility drugs. I conceived naturally once but miscarried, then went on clomid and conceived my daughter. Then I tried clomid again but my body no longer responded to it and I went on FSH injections, got pregnant after a few months but again miscarried. Then went back on FSH injections and HCG trigger + prog pesseries for another 8 months but it wasn't working so I did the meds + intrauterine insemination and finally got my positive after 13 medicated/assisted cycles. Try not to be disheartened, PCOS makes getting pregnant a challenge, but it's not impossible and a lot can be done to help you

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Oh wow what a long but well worth it journey I do hope there are more children for us in the future I still am young 24 so got a bit of time but would of loved my kids to be young I don't really want a ten ur gap but who knows I'm going bak to the go on Wednesday I may suggest this clomid if he will give it to me thanks for all ur info has helped me smile
That's amazing see I'm upset cos I found out last yr I had it but dr said its ok its only on one side and its could just be hormone cysts cos u mayb due but then today dr went over the notes n said it was in both sides so god knows I really do hope I have another one. Still young n don't wanna have to so Ivf as its expensive but if its last chance then will do it thanks heaps and I'm glad u got to have children how close to age are ur children my daughter turned 5 in July ill keep u posted if I gets period I'm hoping for blood test Wednesday still have tiny but of hope that I'm preg n the tests aren't strong enough for the hormone lol wink
I'm 24 as well, we started TTC when I was 20. Don't give up hope. Also, lots of people assume that if they can't get pregnant naturally that the only other option is IVF - this is so far from the truth. There are lots of different things that fertility specialists will try before recommending IVF. They still come at a cost but it's far less than IVF. Our doc recommended for us that if we still hadn't conceived with 3 - 6 rounds of IUI that we consider IVF - so that would have been after 18ish months of trying other therapies before it was even on the cards. Age and time are on your side, sometimes you just need a little bit of outside help

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If I can't have anymore kids ill deal with it I got a 5 yr old already and I had her when I was 19 Ivf would def be a last option ill let u girls know how I go tomorrow at the doctors smile
Hey ladies
Just letting U all know I had a blood test and its came back neg still no period which is odd as I've been regular just would like my period lol has anyone ever had neg bloods n been preg or not
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