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TTC February - The Month of Luuuurve Lock Rss

Sorry Hopeful hopefully your turn soon. Butterfly giving yourself a break from it may be just what you need for your soul. Sometimes a small step back changes the perception and gives you what you need to try again xx
Butterflylove and miss mia . . . huge huge hugs to you both!

Everything you ladies have just written is/was me as well. Our TTC journey has spanned 7.5 years so far with only 1 child blessing our lives, rather than the 3 that should of (not counting the chemical pregnancys).

Over the past 2 years, and the past year especially, since we lost our last bub on April 14th last year, I have spiralled into a crazy depression over TTC to the point last year I was soooooo focused on what I had lost i truly feel I brushed my DD and also my DH to the side, resulting in me having suicidel thoughts, wanting to join my babies and feeling like my DD would be better off with her Dad as obviously I was such a crap Mum I didnt deserve anymore kids.

Anyway long story short, I started off this spiral with identical thoughts to you guys and so i urge you to speak to some1. I didnt feel comfortable speaking to a counseller but anyway one night I collapsed at a friends house, my body went into shock as I had a meltdown over everything, I ended up in hosp and I broke down, told my friend everything I was thinking. I'm so lucky she was so understanding, now I talk to her often about my thoughts, I have promised to tell her everything I feel and she has promised to never offer judgement.

It has helped immensly to know someone cares enough to listen to my inner thoughts, and doesnt ridule them, or diminish them.

anyway point to my ramble, don't ever feel guilty about what you think, ttc is blimmen difficult and you are perfectly entitled to feeling every emotion you need to!

Much much baby dust to you both (and to everyone else)

Well i am out for the month. AF arrived yesterday. Congrats to all that got the BFPs and for the rest of us lets hope March is our month.
AF is now a week late and i tested this morning but it was a BFN so I don't know whats going on but I'm getting really annoyed at my body cause it keeps fooling me! When will Af arrive?

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

Wishing all the ladies with BFN good luck for next month
Hopeful Kel and Miss Mia thinking of you

AFM AF was due yesterday, so did hpt today 10.30am, got a faint line.
I Have a few symptoms. Occasional nausea feeling, sore breasts on sides and bloating.
I Do feel crampy like AF is coming.
So will see how we go. I should have o'ed between Feb 9- 12th.
With my DS (2nd bub) I knew straight away, this time no gut instint.

Good luck to all waiting to test smile
Butterfly and Blessedwithone I feel terrible for complaining as you ladies have both experienced losses and I cant even imagine how much more difficult that makes this whole journey for you.

Butterfly Im so sorry for what you had to go through with your MMC, that would have been so tough. I really hope there is no problem and that your next bfp is a healthy, sticky baby. Hopefully that will begin your healing process. Taking a step back will probably be good for your sanity and your relationship (same goes for me). But I think its definately easier said than done. I guess thats why its good to try and keep busy with distractions. You hear it all the time that it often happens when you least expect it. Like it did for Unexpectedblessing this time around smile anyway I hope you'll be ok, lots of hugs to you and know that we are hear to listen smile
Ps: that picture made me laugh!!! Haha gota keep a sense of humour tongue

Blessedwithone you are one strong woman for going through what you have and still keeping on going. I totally see the importance of speaking to someone when things become too much. Its great that you have a friend you can confide in and tell her all your thoughts. My close friend who struggled ttc ended up going to a counceller when they started all their fertility testing and treatment because she was getting so down. Her personality changed so much and was not her usual self at all. I luckily havent reached that point of low yet and I really hope that I dont. Im trying to focus on all the great things in life and to be thankful for everything. What is next for you? Have you had much in the way of testing done to find out what could be standing in your way? Big hugs to you too and I hope you get some great news very soon smile

A few posts were made as I was writing mine and Im so sorry that af arrived both Butterfly and AmberAnn sad Take some time out and look after yourselves, gear up for your next try *hugs*

Thanks for thinking of me LC+2 smile and congrats on your second line!! Hope it all goes well and the line gets darker smile
Well I am glad I booked an appointment with my specialist. He did a scan as now would be a great time to see some ovary movement coming up to ovulation. But nothing. Left and right are showing no signs of ovulation and I have pcos on my right ovary. He has booked some bloods to check thyroid, prolactin and progesterone.
Phew. I wasn't imagining things. People were telling me I was thinking about it all too much. And to let it happen. But I knew something wasn't right. My body didn't feel right.

Hi ladies very confused here :/

So TTC for 3 months, I started AF on 19th feb went till 23rd feb stopped yesterday started again not heavy only when I wipe, sometimes brown sometimes red ( srry tmi) what is going on ???

Thanks ladies smile
Miss Mia, please dont ever feel bad for complaining!!! Yes i have had losses yet I am luckier than many as have got one beautiful child. For ages i felt such a huge guilt for moaning about my lack of success when I have 1, but then I have decided I am entitled to feel the feelings i have, this is my life, and while I obviously feel very badly for the people worse off than me, my life rules my feelings! Sounds selfish but I had to try and get rid of some of the negative feelings i have!

You dearly want a child, you deserve to have a child, you are absolutely within your rights to feel devastated about the heartache TTC is bringing you.

Whats next for me - last year we had had fertility clinic apps, all was go for treatment, thats when I fall pregnant naturally, sadly lost early on. Because of the stress I went through last year my DH does not want to go down that road now as I also have a prob of keeping babies to term as well as falling pregnant, so we are just trying naturally now. have talked a lot about giving up as its literally ruled our lives for years but we can't quite do that yet.

So anyway for now, we plod on - for how long, who knows!!!

I tested at 6am this morning and got a darker positive.

Goodluck everyone hopefully some more BFP's very soon smile
So went to drs.... She ordered bloods which I I just had done... And an ultrasound on mon
She thinks it could be do to with the hormones or an early MC sad
I will go and see her on tue for an update....

Over to the march thread I go.....
Samntink2010 wrote:
So went to drs.... She ordered bloods which I I just had done... And an ultrasound on mon
She thinks it could be do to with the hormones or an early MC sad
I will go and see her on tue for an update....

Over to the march thread I go.....

Sorry to hear that Samntink! Good luck for tuesday.

AFM AF has still not shown her face and is now 8 days late I took test at 6 days late and I will test again on Wednesday if she hasn't reared her ugly head.

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

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