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Ttc just not happening Lock Rss

Hi ladies how is everyone smile well I have 3 kids from my previous relationship, now ttc with my current partner... no such luck as of yet can't help but feel quiet sad and emotional when af comes around sad
i know how discouraging it could be.... when u had ur other 3 did u conceive them easily? how long have u been ttc? i know how hard it can be when u r trying and it dosent happen.... when i was with my ex fience we ttc as well but he cant have children we dont think.... when i started dating my husband which i have known for 23 years this year and the first 5 months of being with him we concieved our 1st we have been together 6 years now and we noe have 3 children as well.... i hate to say it but maybe the bf has a low sperm count... could be something to look into if u r usually able to conceive easily.... but just keep trying... good
Hi thanks for the reply have been ttc for about 5 months now.. With my first it took about a year my second 6 months and then 2 years with the last, I no for most people it doesn't happen overnight lol... Just discouraging everytime af shows her ugly head smile
I'm also trying to conceive after 3 children with previous partner. I gt completely where you are at. It's very disheartening.
It is really dishearting especially since I'm a POAS addict haha
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