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Stressed don't no what to think.. Lock Rss

Hi all well I've just recently found out I'm expecting bub #4... I did a clear blue digital test last week and got a 2-3 which seemed right on track did another this morning and it hasn't gone up to 3+? Is this something to worry about? Also my first ultrasound is next week I'll be 7 weeks I'm so nervous that there won't be a heart beat and it's really stressing me out sad
I'm not sure if they are 100% accurate with week tracking, but if you were 2 weeks last week, you would be 3 weeks this week, still in 2-3week zone, then go to 3+ next week. Just my guess smile

Aka G&L smile

Hang on, just read your post again, so you were 2-3 weeks last week and 7 weeks next week? I'm confused. I would just wait until your scan, it will be more accurate

Aka G&L smile

Hi the test came up 2-3 weeks which is 4-5 weeks gestation I'll be 6 weeks pregnant on Friday 7 weeks when I have my scan
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