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Result of my Specialist Appointment Today.. Rss

If anyone is interested.. I went to see a Ob/gyn/FS here for a second opinion on my treatment through Fertility Associates, and options for treatment from here.. Today I'm day 21, she had my letter from FA to my GP, and all my bloods leading up to that, and we discussed my clomiphene cycles.

Straight off the bat she suspected PCOS as it made mention in the letter to the GP that the FA Dr noted 10-11 antral follicles in each ovary. That + My low response to the clomiphene, and my issues with my weight (Even though I am not obese, I keep gaining, and have always struggle to lose it). She asked if she could do a scan, which she did.

I had -atleast- 12 follicles/cysts on the right ovary, and at least 11 on the left, but it was hard to see as there was a large amount of fluid around it. She saw evidence of Adenomyosis - endometrial tissue in the muscle of my uterus. She said for Day 21, my lining was on the thin side and very uneven, already coming away, and that my uterus was inflammed. She said there's a corpus leutem type body on my left ovary and a follicle that could have ovulated, but that the tissue is pretty dense and that it's unlikely I've ovulated on any cycle, even with the clomiphene.

So moving forward, she has started me on metformin to get my weight back under control and help regulate my cycles in the mean time, has written a letter to the surgeon doing my Lap (?whenever it may be...) asking him to add in a hysteroscopy, d&c and ovarian drilling. If they don't add it, I will have it done as a separate private operation. I've also had blood taken for testosterone studies, AMH and CA-125.. She said it is likely my AMH will be elevated, and that from my previous blood results my LH/FSH are elevated and in line with me having PCOS. So, yeah. But at least we know now. After all the surgery is done, we will go see her for treatment.

I'm pretty PO'd, considering no mention of the possibility of PCOS was made at my consult with FA, and I feel like I've wasted a lot of time and $$ with them.. My new specialist agreed with how I felt about the progress of my treatment, and I feel much better about moving forwards overall and was very thankful for how the appointment with her went.

So now it's just a waiting game until I get a surgery date, and then we can start trying again. Until then, I will just take my cat pee pills, and work on losing some weight and being healthy.

If anyone has any info or advice they'd like to share, I'd love to hear it smile

Oh beaker it is frustrating that you couldn't have this information earlier. I'm glad this new specialist knows what they're talking about. I have heard of other ladies having LAP surgery I could be wrong but isn't it a flush out of the tubes etc?

Good luck with your journey and I will be closely following your progress xx

What a PITA. I'm sure it's not what you wanted to hear, but it sounds like this new specialist is on top of things a bit more. And hopefully this all means you're one step closer!
Yeah would have been nice to be diagnosed with PCOS 7 months ago when I paid $300 for a consult. Lap is just the method they do it. My lap will involve at least an investigation and removal of any endometriosis found, and a dye flush. But because FA referred me for the lap, and no mention was made of the PCOS, the other stuff wasn't asked for, that's why this Dr is trying to have it all added since it only take an extra 5 min or so while I'm already asleep..

I think I have another couple months before I'll get a date, but hopefully it will be before June.

Thanks ladies, I was hopeful we wouldn't hit 2 years, but we might do yet. Just one day at a time smile

Ahh it was the dye flush I was thinking of.

Gosh that sounds incredibly frustrating, I'd be way po'd that it wasnt picked up initially too. And to be taking clomiphene and not even ovulating, grrr that's tough.
Can't see any reason why they wouldn't do the "extras" since they're in there anyway, and you can raise it with your surgeon at the time too?
The new specialist sounds like a keeper!
Last year one of my friends had 2 rounds of IVF (one paid for privately) before a lap was done and they found stage 3 endo, she was gutted to find out that far down the track :/
Hope your date for surgery comes up ASAP smile
Yeah it's a bit of a kink.. Mm they just assumed I was O'ing based on progesterone alone. But she said there's not much chance the egg could get out sad So a bit of $$ down the drain. Her scanning was much more in-depth.

I hope they'll add it, I'm only on the public elective list though, but she said if they don't mention if before I head in for surgery, ask and they might be able to do it.

That is so rough for your friend! I hope she has had a baby now or is preg?

I hope it comes up soon too, thanks every one smile

Yeah, makes sense to and there's no point doing one thing without the other in some ways?
Re friend , unsure will find out this wknd, they had 3rd and final round in Feb, so will see, fingers crossed
Good luck beaker!! I know how you feel, I'm on my second FS coz the 1st one was an idiot ... Good luck babes

Thanks girls smile it is poos ae Chickadee, glad you're feeling better about your new one too smile Keep me updated ok x

Oh Beaker, that is so frustrating!!! I really feel for you, i know you've been thru hell on your TTC jouney.
At least you have taken a step in the right direction now. I really hope you get your dream soon hun xoxo

Thanks BWO x

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