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Any body had implantation bleeding and cramping? Lock Rss

Has anyone ACTUALLY experienced this? Ive read a lot about it but there are a lot of different opinions and I think only the people who have had it can really give a straight answer. So Ive had a strange cycle and af is not due till cd32 but its decided to come on cd29. Ive had some period cramping which I took some panadol for and its basically gone now. I have had some brown blood on a liner not enough to fill it and streak of pink/mucous on a tampon and now its stopped! TMI but I had a look to see if there was blood up there but only a tiny bit of brown mucous was there my finger was basically clean. I feel like im on my period but theres no af....

If you have experienced this please shed some light on this!! grin
I had implantation bleeding but it was more like a week or more before AF was due. I always found that when I got a little bit of brown blood a few days before my AF, it ended up coming. You could probably take a early response type pregnancy test and get a result now.

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