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Hi all,
So my husband and I were lucky enough to have a beautiful baby boy 3 years ago. When we decided to get pregnant the first time, it took 2 months and then bam, pregnant. When we decided to try for our second so our son could have a sibling, we assumed it would be relatively quick again. This is not the case. We have been "trying" for over a year now and every month we are disappointed. I haven't done any of the temperature tests or anything to really get into the science behind it all, we just didn't want to put the extra stress on the situation. We knew roughly when ovulation should be happening so would work around those dates. I've done a bit of research into things and found that secondary infertility is more common than people think. I'm wondering if this is what we are going through? or maybe we just aren't trying at the right times.
We are going to give it another month and do tests to see when exactly is the right time. If nothing happens this month then we will be off to the doctor to get some expert advice.
I was hoping people could give me some tips on testing and temperatures etc and any other suggestions people might have.
If you get busy 3 or 4 times a week every week then you should be right (if there isn't any fertility issues going on). When I did get pregnant it was a time when we got busy but I thought to myself oh well ovulation is long gone by now. When I had my dating scans and I worked backwards it turned out I had ovulated very late that month.

But other than that you can use those ovulation test kits. I think your plan is a good one. Test for a month or two to check you are actually ovulating. Then off to the doctors for further investigation.


I can't claim to understand the extent of what you're going through having been trying a year, but I do know that feeling of thinking 2nd time around will happen like it did the first and then getting a bit of a shock.

I think what made it hard for me was also seeing my first getting bigger and the gap widening every month of no success - that's how I felt.

So rest assured, you are in good company here!

My husband and I tried for 6 months before falling pregnant with #2 which I know now is not long at all, but at the time it felt like a while. After the first few months I started testing for ovulation with some internet cheapy test strips. (I was a bit of a POAS addict so I got a combo of O tests and pregnancy tests).

I found that I ovulated waaaay later than I assumed. I assumed it would be around halfway, so timed it for day 12- day 17ish and it turns out I wasn't ovulating till around day 19-22 of my cycle.

I never did the temping though so I cant help with that, but I would recommend testing for ovulation (have a look at the strips on ebay, or you can find kits in the chemist which are a bit more expensive - some say they work better but I never had an issue with seeing/reading the cheapy results).

There is also a TTC April 2014 where you can get lots of support from people in similar situations. Have a look on the active board and it should be around there somewhere...

All the best!
It was harder the second time for us too. I started taking my temperature and keeping an eye on CM. But the month we had success was when we tried Pre-seed lubricant, maybe helped things along down there LOL!

Thanks everyone. I've bought a basil thermometer and will start tracking everything. At least this way i know we have done things properly and tracked things. I guess after that we will know if the there is something else going on.
It's nice to be reassured that other people have gone through the same thing. Thanks smile
We had secondary infertility after easily conceiving our first. The doctors all recommend if you have no luck after a year of trying it is time to see your dr. I thought it meant we would need Ivf so it was very nerve racking but after going to the dr we found out that there is so much more that can be done. Anyway long story short. We went to a fertility specialist. I had a blood test and my partner had a sperm test. I ended up being prescribed clomid to help with ovulation and lucky for us after 18 months of trying to conceive we had a success I was pregnant. Our baby is now just over a year old.

As you have now tried for a year I would see your GP for advice as it can't hurt.

Good luck smile

I too experienced something similar. Our Dd1 was about to turn 3. As I was 35 I decided to see my ObGyn and after almost a year of clomid etc he then referred us on to a specialist. We were described as unexplained infertility. But after what seemed like an eternity within 3 months of seeing the fertility specialist we were pregnant. She will be 2 in July. I am so greatful for the amazing support and direction of my doctors.

BTW we are pregnant again and it came as quite the surprise. After baby number two I decided to lose about 11 kgs. It clearly made more difference that I ever realised. I never thought I would or could fall naturally. So maybe my unexplained infertility wasn't so unexplained after all??

Good luck.


So when I said basil thermometer i obviously meant Basal..... because testing basil is just weird.
Proof reading is a wonderful skill to have people!.

HEH - congratulations!!
Losing wight could be helpful as well. I'm sure there are lots of other things that we could be doing to assist with the process, we just didn't do them last time so were expecting similar results. Maybe because we are a bit older now (i'm 30 and hubby is 34) that might influence things.
Fingers crossed this month i can at least figure out what's going on from our point of view and then we can include the doctors as well. I think i'm just a bit scared of going there and them saying 'yeah you can't have any more'. I know it sounds silly to put off medical advice but that's my main fear. The not knowing gives me hope.

Thanks for all the advice and suggestions though - I really appreciate it. Hopefully soon i will be able to post some good news. I'm staying positive and thinking happy baby thoughts smile
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