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Opinion on my symptoms please? TTC Lock Rss

Hello, just wanting opinions as I am going out of my mind, and getting slightly obsessed with symptom checking this month!
Apparently my ovulation date was 22nd March. I do remember thinking I wasn't sure if I even ovulated which has me a bit worried. Cant remember why I wasn't sure, think my O cramps were less painful then usual. 6 days later I started getting cramping, very similar to the cramps I get with my period. I never cramp before hand, only hours before I get it.
Cramps lasted on and off for 6 days with varying intensity and worse at night, maybe because I was lying down. The have since gone and have been having slight twinges in my ovaries since but no real pain. According to my tracker my period is due today, normally I am really grumpy in the lead up to it but I am surprisingly happy.
Other symptoms are:
Metallic taste in mouth for past 5 days, always there from morning to night
Constant heartburn, no matter what I eat or drink
Sinus congestion - I have sinus issues but they are worse in past 2 week and lots of sneezing. I thought I was coming down with a cold the other day but thats disappeared,
Breast soreness, which is normal for me before period. This is slightly worse and past 2 days pins and needle feeling.
Peeing more often and also normally constipated but I have been very much the opposite for past 7-10 days.
Aversion to a few foods, ones I normally love. No real nausea though.
Really hot, especially at night. Woke this morning with terrible BO which has never happened before.
Took preg test yesterday and got a neg and again this morning.
I would have thought on day it was due with a early response test would give me an accurate result. Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?
I am starting to wonder if I just want to be preg so bad I am making myself have these symptoms.
Thanks for taking the time to read.
I was a bit the same as you when TTC and had EVERY symptom and felt very different to normal and turned out I wasn't sad but eventually I did get my BFP and it came when I had no symptoms and was off to the doctor to find out why the heck I wasn't pregnant yet lol.

You could be pregnant and I hope you are smile but sometimes our minds and bodies trick us so my suggestion would be give it a couple of days and test again, and in the mean time there is nothing wrong with dreaming and hoping because that just shows you really want this baby.

Good luck.

So this morning I got a faint but visible BFP!
I started off feeling incredibly excited, this is quickly turning to worry though as I keep getting faint cramping pains like I do when I get my period.
I have read they can be completely normal but I also have PCOS and Hashimotos/hypothyroid so feel I am more at risk of miscarriage.
Well I guess there is nothing I can do but try not to stress and just wait and see.

Thanks very much for your reply NZnewmum, it made me feel a lot more relaxed about it all.

I'm not really sure how your medical conditions will affect your chance of miscarriage but all you can really do is follow the advice of your doctor (once you see them) and go from there making sure you are looking after yourself and bubs and following dr & midwives advice. Pregnancy is scary but oh so exciting so enjoy.
The faint cramping pains are fairly normal. It is both from implantation, and then as you uterus stretches to move and change shape , the muscle and ligaments can cramp up too. That can actually be quite painful, nobody ever tells you that.


Congratulations, the metallic mouth taste were always my pregnancy symptoms that gave it away.
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