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Bleeding Lock Rss

Hey guys. Has anyone experienced a heavy, bright red bleed early on?? If so, what was your outcome? I got a positive test yesterday morning as I ovulated late in my cycle. I have no cramping and the bleeding seems to have stopped. I went to a&e completely freaking out. They did bloods which came back at 170. The dr wasn't happy with that because going by my lmp I should be well into my 5th week. But I think I am only early 4th. I've got to have another test on Friday to see what's going on. I am too early for scans to see anything.
I'm trying not to feel anything either way but it's so hard.

Hi MummahP, how are you going? I wanted to check in, see if the bleeding had stopped?

I really hope everything goes ok for you and this baby sticks!

Unfortunately for me, both of my experinces with this type of bleeding ended with my babies leaving us too soon. But I can remember that when i wrote a thread about the same ques, some members had bleeding like this and everything turned out fine.

I've got my fingers crossed for you! xoxoxo

Also wanting to know how you are MummahP... FX for you

Hi guys. My bleeding stopped a couple of hours after it began. I had my bloods done this morning and they are 277. The dr was pretty happy with it and said all looks normal so far.
Thanks for your support. Xx

Glad to hear!

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