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TTC Psychic Reading? Lock Rss

Has anyone ever bought one??

I just bought one from Mystic Moon Messages (searched through Bing) I bought the TTC Plus Reading. She was great and gave great detail. She predicted Aug 2014. She gave me hope. I have been TTC for over a year now.

If anyone has gotten one please share or one from someone else.
Hi I got one from Tracey who does and she was crazily accurate, she said ill fall/find out or be due in sept (I fell and found out) she said Id have a boy (we didn't find out till he was born) he'd be smallish (which he was) he'd come early, now after having 1 on my due date and 2 very overdue, I thought yeah right but sure enough he came early and we were very much unprepared. She also explained his personality to a tee. They're very long and very detailed. Ive been getting online readings from her for years and she is eerily accurate everytime.

i will have to try her! if you try Mystic Moon let me know what you get smile
I wouldn't use that Tracey you mentioned!!!! It's such a con!
A whole heap of mums in one of my groups got it and we pretty much got identical responses!! They applied to some people (out of luck I'd say) but not others!
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