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When did you know Lock Rss

Forgot to buy a test today -- frustrating my mind is not in my head today -- but I was talking to a friend today and she knew within a week that she was pregnant .. Made me believe maybe I am pregnant

- my question is how soon did you know you where pregnant ...

Hey hun, I've known when I was about 3 weeks pregnant so before a test could even come back positive.

I really really hope you finally get you bfp!!!

With DD1 I was talking to an old work friend (she'd had to leave due to illness) and catching her up on things. Mentioned we were ttc and she gave me this weird look and said "but you're already pregnant?!?!?!?" ... I bought a home test and those magic 2 lines appeared. With my history of really long cycles (5 month cycles before they were regulated with contraception) I was 10 weeks after lmp but thought I had another 6+ weeks before af would be showing up so hadn't even considered the fact that I could already be pregnant. Turned out I was about 6 weeks pregnant when I ran into my old work friend. If I hadn't run into her I have no idea how far I'd have been into the pregnancy before realising, simply because I honestly didn't think the possibility of it could have even happened for at least another 4 weeks!!!!

With DS we'd been ttc for about 15 months, although my cycles were about 6-7 weeks. We'd decided it would be our last cycle ttc because I wasn't dealing well with the constant negative results, especially because of the longer cycles getting my hopes up. I turned to DH the day of conception and told him I thought we'd conceived. He told me I was crazy but 16 days later I had those 2 lines show up. It was the first time I had signs of ovulation and things had matched so I just 'knew'.

With DD2 we weren't avoiding but also weren't trying. For the 2nd time in my life I got signs of ovulation and realised that timing might have meant I'd become pregnant. I didn't say anything to DH, just waited for 2 weeks and tested. Once again those 2 lines appeared.

I really hope that you get the result you want when you test.

With dd my DH and I (not a couple at that stage and not trying for a child!) both thought I was pregnant that night despite using contraception. I took the morning after pill as we were convinced I was. Obviously neither contraceptive worked because 9 months later I had dd... I didn't have a positive test til about 7 weeks tho as I was in denial! Lol.

I'm current on day 14 of my cycle ... So confused now

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