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Maternity wear Rss

Ok I’m having to bite the bullet, I know I’m not pregnant but we will be doing ivf ( so hopefully I will be pregnant soon) and due to other fertility medication I’m swollen. I’m sick of wear pants that are way too big, just so I can do them up but it makes me look like I have done a poop in my pants.
Where do I buy nice maternity wear?

Good question! Hard to find really! If your after a nice pair of winter black pants I got some from target today. They have 20% off atm and they are like leggings but thicker and dresser with a pleat down the front. I got them thinking I'd still want to wear them after baby arrives in about 10wks. I also think the jeans west maternity jeans are the best I've ever come across. Pretty much just buy your size now not a size bigger cos they are designed to stretch with your growing belly. I purchased mine just before I fell pregnant actually cos they had a sale on.

I got black work pants at target on sale for $28 and maternity jeans at jeans west 40% off at the moment smile
Omg why are they so frumpy lookin ...

I struggled with the physical maternity stores and ranges available say from Target to be honest. I did get one pair of maternity jeans from Jeanswest, but I have only worn them once as my regular jeans, which are GStar, are a soft denim (almost like a jegging), low rise, and were ever so slightly big on me in the waist. I was lucky that I already had them and I can still wear them comfortably at 35 weeks, and while they weren't cheap when I bought them, I would recommend trying some on if you like that sort of thing.

Most of my non-maternity clothes are very tailored/structured and I have a tiny waist normally, so I had to buy new clothes very early on, despite popular opinion now being that I am 'tiny' for someone with five weeks to go. So initially I started off with a couple of dresses in my regular size from Cue and French Connection that were a stretchy fabric. I literally went into Cue and asked the sales assistant what dresses they had in a stretchy fabric and went from there. I wore these until about 25 weeks and stopped at that point so I didn't stretch them to the point where I would not be able to wear them 'sans belly'.

Once I got to the point where I really needed actual maternity clothes, I found the nicest, most reasonably priced items at Angel Maternity (online)
Shipping is free on orders over $150 so if you need to get a few things get them in one go.

I actually bought the following, which have served me the best (I am 35 weeks now):
These are low-rise, super comfy and I wear them for work and in place of black jeans.
I wear this for work, and if I need to dress up for dinner on Saturday night, a party, etc. Very versatile depending on how you accessorise and I am sure I will still use it when breastfeeding.
More of a statement piece so I don't wear it as often as the black one, but it makes me feel great when I do wear it, not frumpy in the slightest.
For this sort of thing, you don't need to buy from a maternity range obviously (I also got a lovely grey one from Witchery ( These work great with a maternity top, my black pants (above), jeans or leggings and a pair of pumps. Mix and match the pumps, jewellery, colour of top, etc. to create different outfits.

If you order a wrong size, don't like something when it arrives, etc. there is no problem returning it and obtaining a refund.

You can also try Asos, which you may find cheaper on some items, though in general the quality/fit won't be as good. I used this more for getting leggings, maternity opaque tights, a cheap hoodie that was maternity specific for around the house, etc.

I also ordered from Mama y bebe
and bought this dress in particular, which has also served me well, can be used when I get to the breastfeeding stage, and has doubled as a work and going-out dress depending on accessories, etc.
This site doesn't have as big a range, and is more breastfeeding specific, but they do free delivery and their customer service is second to none (initially I ordered this dress a size too big so they sent me the smaller size, together with a reply paid envelope to return the incorrect one for free).

The other little piece of info you might find useful is in relation to maternity bras. Once I told my girlfriends I was pregnant they asked me if I had bought a maternity bra yet, which I had not. You need to get into a soft, comfortable and supportive bra asap after you become pregnant. You will need to ditch the underwire as it can damage your milk ducts. The maternity bras in physical maternity stores can be very expensive, and downright scary in my opinion. I ended up going to Myer and got a bonds one (see link below) but make sure you go in and get a staff member to help you get the right size once your breasts have enlarged and you need new bras. They are not sexy, but it has to be done smile

The bonds site is also great for comfy tracksuit pants and leggings for lounging in once you get bigger and for the hospital (not that I have been to the hospital yet) and they have a maternity section with maternity singlets, etc. You can also get good stretchy singlet tops, which are long enough to stay over the bump, for wearing underneath the maternity dresses, etc. at Jeanswest.

Lastly, I did not order anything from this site as I found it to be a little too expensive, but I did see some nice items on

I hope this helps you and anyone else looking for stylish/affordable maternity clothes, and all the very best of luck to you with your IVF treatment. shipping to Aus and reasonable prices. It was my saviour, affordable and stylish maternity clothes. Up to date looks just adapted for your bump. I'm only 25 so hated the idea of frumpy maternity clothes. Try kmart too they have a small maternity range good for basics like plain singlet tops and yoga style pants. Also the jeanswest jeans are great I got 3 pairs. They look just like regular jeans just with the belly band sewn in and are really comfy.
I work in an office so need to wear black dress pants to work and i went and brought a pair of black pants from a kmart which where a size bigger and i couldn't fit them they seemed smaller than my size 10 pants wtf?? and silly me i'm one that's like oh it will fit rip of the tags before trying so i refuse to let the pants go to waste and i was desperate to have comfy pants to work so google and found a website that shows you how to turn pants into maternity i brought some stretchy material so sit on the hips and belly and elastic and omg i'm in love with my fat pants i never thought getting dressed in the morning was so exciting to know i was in comfort but looked good as well. good luck on the ivf i know how that goes went through that many years ago...i did one lot and never heard from the clinic again they gave up on us to be able to retry the treatment..and after saying our chances of conceiving a child was the odds of wearing a condom i fell pregnant 6 months later naturally!! i'm onto baby number two which took me 3 years to conceive but this time i did a trip to aussie and touched the fertility statue in rippley's believe it or not museum. grin
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