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help what's going on?? Lock Rss

I have been tracking my cycle,and ovulation with opk's. I got , my first positive one Tuesday and then negative ones Wednesday Thursday and Friday, then Saturday I tested again and they have been positive every day since then it has been 8 days of positive opk's any one know what's going on or have any insight I'm very confused, I did take a hpt on Tuesday of this week and it was negative.... Help?
Hi Jamielynnzan, I have heard if this happens then it can be due to PCOS as your body is trying to ovulate but isnt...I'm sorry I can't be of further help. All the best x
Sometimes your body gears up to ovulate then doesn't due to stress, illness etc. Not sure why you would get them for eight days though. Are you using any other methods such as temperature, cervical mucus or position? Might provide some additional information.
It's so frustrating isn't it.. I had positive OPKS on about CD 14 (I got so excited) for about 5 days then nothing, and my last period was about 6 weeks ago and I just randomly took an OPK the other day and it was positive.. But I do have PCOS. If you aren't already, try tracking your cycle/ovulation with temps and your CM/position too (: Wish I could help further! Hope you get some answers.
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