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Weight, Stress & Overthinking Pregancy! HELP Lock Rss

Hi guy! im new to all of this but my husband and I have recently gotten married and are looking at the next step in our life. we own our home and both have well paying full time jobs.

I want to have kids but I am stressed out because im overweight and I no I need to loose weight and struggling and I no it will effect us. any tips on loosing weight for pregnancy?

I am also stressing about $ and the general worries of first time mums.

any advice or your own experiences that may help? thanks in advance!
I did the celebrity slim shakes and brisk walked 30-60mins a day, lost 12kg in 9 weeks and got gregnant while drinking them, so has to quit (i was still 13kg overweight). Just finished bf (she is 16 weeks now), so starting again tomorrow. Im 41 so its not as easy to shift now. If you are a lot younger then eat healthy and exercise, you don't have to go overboard with food or exercise. Use common sense, the only reason I did the shakes is because Im older now and I gained the weight with a change in job, I now have an office job instead of walking around all over the shop floor. Im going back to work in October and will hardly see her, but her dad will see heaps of her, opposite shifts and all, You will need to be prepared for going back or staying home to less money, We decided I'd go back now, so we can pay house off sooner and get in some quality travelling/holiday time once thats done (she will be 8-10ish then)

thanks for that. im 25 and currently weighing 135kgs due to medical problems I now have under control I just cant shift the weight.

I would like to go back to work but im unsure if I will be able to due to the cost of child care etc sad
Hi MrsMccrea (: You could go see a nutritionist, the public ones are free and they extremely helpful!
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