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TTC for July Lock Rss

I know it's not July yet but it's not far away and I'm so excited we start ivf this month yayayayay good luck to all the ladies TTC

Hi Chickadee! I'm TTC in July Round 2 for child #3 AF arrived today so looking forward to getting a BFP this month!

Good luck to all, fx, baby dust, rainbows and love smile
Hi to you both and good luck for this month. Just moving over to July thread.

I am having egg collection on Thursday for ICSI so hoping that this is my month too..

Chickadee have you started any of the process for IVF yet?
We conceived DD1 in July 2012 - lovely time of year! Good luck and all the best xx

Hi Girls, I'm new here, Have just started trying to conceive seriously this month, charting date, ovulation calendar, with two previous m/c's and a diagnosis of endometriosis likely (im having diagnostic and treatment surgery hopefully in the next few weeks If I am not preggers by then). I am currently enduring the Two week wait with only 4 DPO. I have been on the Depo Provera or around a year now but stopped around August last year and have been having unprotected rudies since then with no luck, so my partner and I have decided to start charting Ovulation etc and see how that goes. I am basically on here to pass the time during my wait and see if my "sypmtoms" are just me being overly sensitive or if they could be promising. I am pretty sure I had ovulation bleeding but as I have only just started charting ovulation I could have dates mixed up a bit and it could have been implantation. I am now crampy and bloated, feeling like I have a lump in my throat and feeling hungry but take a mouthful and I either feel full or just don't feel like it....I know its still so super early....wishful thinking grrrr....I hope to hear from you all and get to hear your stories.
Hi lana_j I start this month my cycle starts around 17th so excited for you and everyone else ...

Which12chews all I can say from trying to get pregnant for ever is just take a deep breath and see what tomorrow brings... My mind still goes crazy when I think something is happening

Thanks Chickadee. I have learnt from the other times I have been down the road to do just that, also very easily said than done. I honestly didn't think I would be so wound up about it again, as we are taking a casual approach, but yes it is just a matter of taking each day at a time.
Hi there?
We just started TTC #4!
AF finished last Wednesday and am due for my next Af on 18th July.

I broke down crying today at work for no reason, not sure if it's hormones or early signs.

Lots of love and baby dust
Baby dust to all trying this month. I have finally worked out im 6dpo if I ovulated on the right day although I did bed about 2 days before my optimum day. Today I woke up with generalised cramping in my lower tummy. not as bad as menstrual cramps but definitely annoying. Also TMI Alert.....I am have very watery CM this morning had to wipe a few times and still feel "moist". It kind of feels like the first few day before my AF but that's not due until the 10th of July.....any thoughts?? Also feeling hungry but cant bring myself to eat anything....not feeling queezy just not feeling like it.
Hi Ladies,
Brand new here aswell. We are currently trying to conceive with our 2nd baby, Hopefully July will be our month! Recently came of the pill in May and waited about 6 weeks for AF to make an appearance. Approx 2DPO so fingers crossed. Feeling a bit crampy and light headed so far, But still a bit early I guess.
Goodluck to all you other Mummies Xx

Hi Everyone.

I'll join in this month even though i don't' think our chances are very good this month. I was diagnosed with PCO 2 weeks ago and am off to see a gyno on the 6th of August. Will most likely be prescribed Clomid to start me ovulating.

I'll be lurking around lol! Baby dust to all.

I'm officially in, finally. I had to have vaccine booster shots so it's been a long 3 months! AF arrived today so once she hits the road hubby better watch out! Good Luck to everyone.
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