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Positive OPK for the 4th day Lock Rss

Is it possible to get positive OPKs 4 days in a row. I'm on CD23 of a 30 day cycle and it's been a full positive since CD19. According to my app I should have ovulated day 16 but didn't get any positives until day 19. What is going on!? Is it normal? Has this happened to anyone.?
TIA smile
Hmm we are TTC at the moment and I use the cheap OPK off the net and I am finding I get 2-3 days of positives and cant pinpoint the exact day I ovulate.

Maybe its worth buying better/dearer testers?

I am finiding it too stressful trying to pin point O so going to try and have sex every second day of my whole cycle and hope for the best! wink

Good luck

Still another positive today it's so odd. I'm due for AF In 7 days. I didn't know you can ovulate this late in the cycle :-/ I used these ones to help conceive our now 7 month old but I think your right, might have to try some of the expensive ones & see if they give me a positive.
With my first pregnancy I used oPKs and found I was getting +ve on days 18 or 19 of a 30 day cycle. The 16 day calc is just based on 30-14 days but not everyone has a 14 luteal phase.

Once I got positive I think I tested for 1 more day then stopped so can't say how long it lasted. I did use the expensive ones

We Dtd every second day til +ve oPK then every day for that few days.

Good luck with TTC.
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