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TILTED CERVIX - help Lock Rss

Hi, had a regular pap test this morning as it was overdue. Decided to get that done plus bloods as we have been TTC #2 for a few months with no success.

The dr told me I have a tilted cervix. I have never been told that before and wonder if its happened post birth of my baby. She said it can make sex painful ..I have noticed sex hurts sometimes whereas before baby it never did. I have also read it may effect conceiving, but theres mixed reviews on this.

We conceived DD first cycle so no probs the first time.

Anyone got the same issue and any tips for positions TTC??

Ta smile

I'm not sure if this is the same or similar, but I have a retroverted uterus, which both times have been mentioned at my 12 weeks scans, as it is harder to see the baby, as the full bladder doesn't help push the uterus forward. I have had no problem conceiving either time, we don't have a particular position we use.
Hope this helps, feel free to ask questions smile

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