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Oh my! Lock Rss

Hello everyone!

I haven't been on here for a while, but have still been tracking cycles and TTC. Today I would be on CD 50. (I have PCOS) and on CD 40 I gave up tracking because my temps were a little weird and I had no sign of AF coming so I was a little down and decided to take a break. Last Thursday I started to get cramps so I thought AF was finally coming. But then nothing, nothing, nothing so yesterday I was still having cramps but they felt really odd and weird so I decided to search online for a bit of info and to see if anyone else had the same sort of thing and what it was, and the first advice I get is 'take a pregnancy test'. I thought pfft no way I would be pregnant. I really didn't want to because seeing that lonely line every single month can be quite upsetting. But I thought I had better do it to rule it out. So I took just a cheap test I got off eBay and a second line appeared? What?! So I'll be honest haha, I took two more of them tests, and all the same. So later I took a FRER test and a really really dark second line shows up! OMG! I also took a digital test and the magic word popped up "Pregnant".

I just can't believe it, I have spent so much of every single day this year, making sure I take my temps, check for signs/symptoms, my cm, the position etc etc, and as soon as I stop I get a BFP!!!

Here are my pics (:



Congrats!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy.


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