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IVF ICSI & Egg Retrieval Lock Rss

Hi All,

My name is Kim and I live in Brisbane. I'm 37 and will be starting IVF / ICSI in a few weeks time at Springwood Fertility Clinic. My partner has sperm antibodies as a result of a vasectomy which was done 10 years prior. As the days go on and the actual IVF/ICSI journey draws closer, my emotions are turning from excitement to anxiety. I still feel excited about what 'may be' but am quite stressed about the egg retrieval procedure. The procedure will be done while I am awake (they call it twiglight sedation). I will be given valium (which I have not had before) prior to the procedure and gas during the procedure. I am reeealllly hoping to make contact with someone on this forum who had their egg retrieval procedure done via twilight sedation. I am hopeful that having the opportunity to talk to others about their experiences will alleviate some of my anxiety....that's assuming it wasn't traumatic! Look forward to hearing from someone (anyone!) soon smile

Hi Kazzzav,

Thanks so much for your reply. Although you haven't experiend the twighlight sedation, one thing you said was very helpful "I felt such relief when we actually started as it felt like a weight had lifted". I did wonder whether this might be the case for me. Sometimes I think the anticipation and waiting is often worse than the event. In saying that, I know IVF will be a challenging journey. May I ask how many times you attempted IVF / ICSI? I have tried to limit my Googling about the procedure but it is very hard to do this, given all the information available at our finger tips. It's funny because although I am anxious about the egg retrieval, I am sure it doesn't compare to child birth itself. Silly how our brains work sometimes...well, my brain at least!

Kim smile
Hi Ktill77 - Good luck with your first cycle of IVF/ICSI. We did out first cycle at the beginning of last month, unfortunately our first attempted didn't work so we are in the process of waiting for a frozen embryo transfer which is due to happen the beginning of September.

Everything that you are feeling is normal, I had all the emotions from scared, anxious, nervous, happy, excited, sad and down in the dumps.

I too had light sedation, but lucky for me I do not remember a thing from it until I woke up in pain (this does not happen to everyone so don't want to scare you). Most of the other ladies who were in at the same time as me were fine, but I was unlucky and ended up having to have the doctor come back and see me and be given extra strong drugs. I googled the procedure on you tube but it didn't show too much.

The couple of days following the egg retrieval were a bit painful but once its over you are more focused on the embryo transfer and all the follows.

I wish you all the luck in the world and if you want to ask any questions or just chat let me know I am happy to help where I can.

Hi Lana,

Thanks for the advice and some insight into your experience so far. It seems most people are put under completely for the egg retrieval procedure; such a relief to find someone who has had the light sedation! From what I have read so far, the levels of pain etc seem to vary widely from one person to the next so it's difficult to really know what to expect. Bottom line is if we want a baby, we must endure it, it's that simple I guess.

Sorry to hear your first attempt was unsuccessful. I am very aware that it is unlikely (possible I know but....) that the first IVF attempt will work. With this knowledge, I know how important it is to manage expectations and be realistic. Although saying this and then doing it (managing expectations) are two very different things I'm sure! When my partner and I commenced the routine tests etc at the fertility clinic, I remember saying that I hoped we wouldn't have to do IVF / ICSI!! I was hoping that IUI was a least an option for us but unfortunately, 100% sperm antibodies rules this out.

I just hope that I don't have a freak out and back out on the day before egg retrieval!! The thought of the procedure really does terrify me. I must keep foccussed on the embryo transfer day....the more exciting aspect of this journey. God, I can't imagine what it must be for the two weeks post embryo transfer!? It would be a looooong two weeks, not to mention having a heightened awareness of every little twinge, flutter, cramp, etc.

I have read (as you probably have) that success rates for transferring frozen embryo's are higher than the non-frozen one's. I thought that was very interesting. Hopefully that may be a positive sign for your upcoming transfer in early September!! Let's hope so. Thanks again for your reply and all the best for the next chapter in your journey. I will check out the forum in early September to see how you're travelling, assuming you have the energy and time to post that is. smile

Bye for now

Thanks for your reply, Just remember that light sedation is a bit like your drunk and most of the time people fall asleep from it all.

It can be a long road to get what we want for us it has been just under 3 and half years, with 1 MC in this time. We had been on Clomid for 2 months then fell pregnant then 8 weeks later had a MC, then I went back on the Clomid for a further 12 months, which in this time nothing happened. We then went onto the IVF clinic and did 2 failed attempts of IUI and now as you know we are on the IVF path. In this time I also had my ovaries drilled and had a full clean out operation done.

We to didn't think we would have to go through what we have especially the IVF part, but we will do anything we need to, to have a baby,

You will be fine, of course you will be nervous but just remember why you are doing this, that's the part that keeps me positive in times that I just can't be. Transfer day can be great you get to see your embryo before its put inside you and you can take photos which is a great memory. This is a thing that IVF ladies are lucky to see that normal people don't get to see. It is a long TWW and you do look out for all symptoms but this keeps you positive.

Yes I have heard and read about the successful rates for a frozen embryo, they even say this at the clinic so fingers crossed this one works for us.

Stay calm I know how hard it can be and sometimes its easier to say things and not follow them, but one thing I have learnt is to stay calm, be brave and what will happen will happen...

Good luck ktill77 with the start of your journey.

My husband and I are currently going through ivf as well but unfortunately our first cycle failed before we got to harvest. We are currently doing our second cycle on strong medications to hopefully get that ovary to do it thing.

My best advise which was also given to - me just take each day as it comes because you never know.

I'm a big over thinker and worry about the what ifs and reading & talking to the lovely ladies on this site does make you way more comfortable with everything that gets put in front of you, best of luck ..

Hi Kim,

I underwent 2 rounds of IVF last year, with the second one resulting in an ongoing pregnancy.

I also had light sedation, and all I remember was laughing hysterically and then I must have fallen asleep seconds later because I woke up in the chair back on the ward. So, I didn't feel any pain and must have been out of it enough to not even know what was going on (and I have hard to reach ovaries). So it was quite pleasant for me. I wouldn't mind some of that laughing gas at home! Keep thinking about the transfer day because it is a truly amazing experience. All the best! xx

Hi All,

Thanks so much for all your responses, advice and well wishes. I am very appreciative and grateful. My appointment with the doctor is on August 25. I suspect I won't be able to start the injections for at least 2-3 weeks after this as I understand I need to be at a certain point in my cycle.

Good luck to everyone in the coming weeks, whether it be transferring a frozen embryo, starting a new IVF cycle or whatever it may be.

Lana - if you are reading this, I'm so sorry but I accidentally hit the 'report' button on one of your responses! My apologies. There was absolutely nothing wrong with your message! I am still trying to navigate my way around the site and not doing a very good job, obviously!

Bye for now all.
Kim smile
Hiya, I did ivf/icsi, but I Was donating, so didn't have the stress of the return of the fertilised egg or hopefully pregnancy.

My egg retrieval went well, don't remember anything under the twilight sedation. Woke up with a small amount of cramping, that's all. Was super thirsty and hungry though. Poor chick across from me in recovery vomited her heart out. But she seemed to be a regular and they all said she always vomited. The rest of us in there were all chatting about how good we felt. I was glad the nasal spray/needle regime was over...

Good luck!
Hey ladies! I am so glad I found this thread. I am going in for egg pick up on Tuesday. Good to hear what others have been through.
Hi Emrossall,

All the best with your egg retrieval on Tuesday. Not sure about you but I know I will feel a huge sense of relief once it is done. I still have 4-6 weeks (minimum) to wait!!

Kim smile
Hi everyone, finally I found the thread!

Hi Emrossall, best of luck on Tuesday.

My story in a nut shell, I have been on this journey for five years. Despite the prayers and enduring support of our family and friends we were given the devastating news that I have no eggs left that will fertilise.
This was a huge shock to me as I was only 30 then, I was devastated could not believe it! after a 12 month break, I went through an egg donor process and we got four A grade embies out of that only one made it through and I have a wonderful little boy.

We have a strong desire to provide our little boy with a sibling so currently I am writing a add to find lovely egg donor, someone who's luminous generosity might just lead us out of this twilight.

So good luck to those who are going through the ivf process smile smile
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