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Body issues Lock Rss

Hi lovelies
Just wondering how you guys have delt with body issues while being pregnant.

I have suffered from Body dysmorphic disorder for a long time and I just hope it doesn't take control over my life when I finally get pregnant. I've attached a pic below to show I'm not a big person

Aw, Chickadee, you are lovely! I really hope pregnancy, when it happens, will be the happy and hopeful time it should be for you. From my experience I only felt unhappy with my body in the first trimester when I a) felt like crap and wasn't ready to tell anyone why and b) didn't really look pregnant, just a bit of a lardy lady who'd hit the Maccas a bit hard, not a good look for me. It was only when my bump began to show that I could really rejoice in how pregnancy looked. Having said that, my first pregnancy was a miserable time for a whole lot of reasons, but body issues were the least of my worries.
I also found I was a whole lot happier about my self image in both my pregnancies, when I invested a bit in some comfortable and (relatively) flattering maternity wear - not always easy.
Hey Chickadee smile
I have never had an amazing body image, but I can honestly say I feel happier with my body when I am pregnant, and I think this is because there a is an amazing reason behind the big belly.
Definitely invest in some great maternity wear, it doesn't have to cost a fortune, most of mine came from k-mart, but for me, being able to wear jeans and tops still, which is my usual stadard wear, makes me feel great.
You look like you have a great figure, so hopefully you will find it relatively easy to find clothes that fit well during your pregnancy.
Just remember to eat healthily for your little one, and you should be fine.
Fingers crossed you have to go through all this super soon! smile

Hi chickadee, that's a great picture, you look lovely.

I was similar to HH and didn't really feel comfortable until I had an obvious baby bump. I'm quite similar to you (body size) and for ages just felt bloated and blah. I don't want that to be a downer I guess just to let you know and I think it's quite common to feel that way. You may be different though.

Like the ladies said well fitting maternity clothes are a must. Nice jewelry or getting your hair done can make you feel a million dollars without focussing on your body.

I don't know much about body dysmorphic disorder but do you have someone you can talk to if you need to?

Good luck smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Hi lovely ladies

Thank you for all the comments

I've been seeing someone for a while because it's not something I can deal with alone. My husband is excellent and notices if I'm slipping back into my old habbits and tells my therapist.

Getting my nails done does make me feel better but only until I catch myself in the mirror. I understand things will change and this is something I have wanted for a very long time ... So many feelings

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