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TTC November 2014 Lock Rss

I know I am super dooper early, but anyone out there looking at TTC starting in November?
Hubby and I will be trying for bub number 2.
Love to hear from anyone thinking about it

Oooh im keen! At this stage hubby is saying he wants to start trying for no 2 in December but hopefully I can talk him into a little earlier. How old is ur bub? My little girl is 15.5 months smile

My daughter is about to turn 3! Time goes so fast

It most certainly does! Well hopefully nov will be lucky for us. We conceived second month with our girl so hopefully we are that lucky again smile

Is it wrong to be looking at maternity clothes on sale?? smile

I have a feeling I'll still be around in the November TTC threads sad My husband is a FIFO worker so conceiving is harder than the average Mon-Fri 9am-5pm husband lol
Naw fingers crossed mummys girls my hubby is a shift worker so not as hard as fifo but still makes it a little more difficult.
Can't wait to get our kitchen dining room renovated so we can get this ttc under way haha

Hopefully we try and conceive too. Just so hard TTC atm always getting my hopes up every month
I too think I will still be TTC in November. I am new to the forums so give you a bit of background.
Last March I went off the Depo after being on it 8years, I am now 27 and partner is 25. We decided to start trying this October/November but in August thought why wait but so far nothing. I know it can take up to two years to go back to 'normal' after depo and know I'm not there yet have 34+ days cycles. Anyway excited to be a TTC couple for now smile and we will probably just do the every 2-3 day TTC method.

Good Luck everyone
here is a link to another TTC November they didn't realize there was one already....
oops, never saw this forum.

I too am a newbie on here. Hubby(32) and I (31) would love to have a baby and I guess we've been ttc since we got married at the end of January this year. We took the let's just wait and see what happens approach but so far, nothing. I was sure that it wouldn't take me long to fall pregnant, esp since I have a regular period (and never taken any birth control) and making the most of the fertile days! I was wrong! LOL

I've had a check up with the gp and everything looks fine and was told to come back early next year if no success. I am taking folic acid and trying to lose some weight which is a lot harder than it used to be!

So, am trying to stay positive and relaxed which is pretty hard when i hear about ladies getting preggo after a month of trying!
Hi I'm jumping in early and new too FH and I have been also playing the lets just see what happens game for 6 months but making the most of the window week AF is due on Thursday and Im already getting the pain from it today so fingers crossed to all of you for the coming month smile
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