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TTC September Lock Rss

Welcome to September (nearly!!) for those TTC still!!

This month we are trying Maybe Baby Sperm Friendly Gel, and hoping to achieve that BFP!! We'll also be trying to give it our all to conceive by doing the 'legs up in the air' activity for 20 minutes after sex, watching our diet and I'll be getting plenty of exercise. I have lost nearly 7 kilos now, and feeling great!

Any other tips that could increase our chances again to conceive?

***Baby Dust to Everyone****
I've been TTC for ten months now and feeling like giving up! Been so hard lately when I did get pregnant this year I miscarried and feel down six months later still tryna conceive but I feel like nothing is working! Both me nd my partner want this baby as soon as possible ! So just need some support too !!
We are also TTC this month. This will be our second month but first month properly trying. I'm already taking vitamins and will try and Dtd every second day. Was planning to use oPK too but a bit challenging with work so will see.

Good luck over the coming month
On to September!! This year seems to be going so fast it's crazy!

I have a good feeling about this month so fingers crossed!

Good luck to everyone this month xo

Stacey smile
I think ill be jumping over here aswell from august. Think we missed out this month. Im feeling lucky for september aswell. Baby dust to all

Hi all,

Good luck for the new month - a few faces in here I don't know.

To introduce myself - I've been in and out of the TTC threads for a while now. TTC our first child for almost two years and have had two miscarriages this year. Our most recent was in late April - I was 10 weeks and needed a d&c, I had an 11 week miscarriage and d&c in January as well. We've had two cycles trying since the miscarriage and nothing yet. Both angel babies were conceived on Clomid and if we aren't pregnant this month, we'll probably look in to IVF. This whole process sure is taking its time, but trying to hold on to hope that it will happen for us soon.

I'm on CD12, and more than likely will ovulate sometime in the next few days.

Fingers crossed for lots of Spring BFP's this month. smile

Hello chops, sorry for you loss this year. With the sunshine and start of spring brings a positive start to the season
Anyone else have trouble with timing Dtd for TTC and having a little one. DS is 2 and I swear he senses when it's good timing to DTD and stays up extra extra late those nights meaning we are exhausted by bed time
Hi ladies smile

My period is due on 11/9. Here's hoping I don't see it!

If I test this Friday would I get a result? According to period diary app it says I ovulated last wednesday.
I had some mild cramping and back pain which I saw as a sign of Ov.

When should I test?
Hi Mama love, it's best to test when AF is due but if you get those ultra sensitive ones you could try a day or two early
Jumping over aswell from August lets hope September is an amazing month for us all xx
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