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  5. Sorry but i have no one else to talk to about this.....

Sorry but i have no one else to talk to about this..... Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
I'm sorry but this is going to be just a huge vent cause i don't have anyone else that i can share my feelings with!
My DH and I have been trying to get pregnant but having no success at all!!! I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and told that it would be hard but not impossible to on our own! But now after having tests done to find when i was ovulating it turns out i havent been and that i will have to get help if i want to be able to have another baby!
We have been trying for a while now and its just really upsetting! I have also been working so hard to loose weight and have been gaining it instead! I have never eaten so well in my life and i am more active that i have ever been and still not having luck! I wanted to loose weight to be healthier and therefore increase my health to be pregnant!
But everything around me just keeps crashing down and closing doors for me and its starting to really get me down!
I'm sorry for complaining as i know there are so many people who have such a hard time trying to have a baby too! I have been lucky enough to have my 2 beautiful babies and i and so grateful! But i just didn't feel finished and i have been thinking about nothing but having another baby and its making me crazy now to be told i can't when i have had 2 kids before!
Sorry rant over just feeling frustrated and needed to share my feelings with someone!

Hey zimbee, I can definately sympathise with you! Dh and I have been trying for over a year now (a few months here and there we had off) and still no luck, it feels like everyone else possible is either pregnant right now or have a newborn (pregnancies that were announced when we were starting to try) and now another friend is pregnant for the 6th time. What annoys me is that both my boys were conceived within 2-3 months of trying so it's a real blow now sad I haven't been to the dr yet so will do that if I don't get utd in the next few months. Sorry to vent too! Must be hard as you know you've already had two bubbies. Do you know what sort of intervention you might need to get utd?

All the best Hun and baby dust to you xxxx

Hey Doublewammy,
no don't apologise i can totally understand the need to vent when it just isn't working out for you!!
They said they would start with some fertility drugs and see how that goes! But i have heard that can get costly! Not sure if it does or not, but i don't know what he wants me to do yet waiting to get an appointment!
My son was conceived on the first cycle we tried with only one try! So it baffles me that so much has changed since then! My daughter was conceived on the pill too so even more so makes me not believe that now suddenly i can't do it! I know sometimes it takes time but it seems impossible right now!
Yeah i know that feeling, my SIL just announced that she is 8 weeks pregnant! I was so excited for them its so amazing for them! Then about an hour later it really made me sad cause i started thinking about how much i want another baby!

Good luck to you too hun! Wishing you all the best!

I can understand that would be hard to work out what's changed when you got pregnant really easily the last two times and your kids aren't that old.

Yeah I even had a little cry after one of my good friends announced a pregnancy, don't get me wrong I am super happy for her, but wish it was me at the same time.


Yeah its so hard! Im so excited cause my BIL and SIL are super excited now and they will be great parents and we already have kids so we shouldn't be so worried but i just feel like its going to be an endless battle!

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