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TTC October Lock Rss

May as well start again as I'm out for September. Hopefully this is my.month!!!

I'm in too smile
OV day should be on the weekend so we will be doing the deed every day until period is due! Hubby is gonna be happy!
Missed out last month sad
Let's hope this is our month ladies xxx

TTC #4
Ive just finished af today and am going to use the maybe baby to help days i am ovulating or about to and dtd every two days leading up and after and on to hopefully catch the egg this month.finger crossed for us both

Im in smile I have a beautiful 16 month old and have stopped taking mini pill a couple of weeks ago. Af just left so we will see what happens...have only had two cycles since having daughter, first was 21 days other was 23 so short cycles atm.

Welcome i hope this is our month ladies. I want nothing more than to share the joy of a new arrival with my man. We have my 9 yr old and he has been with us since she was 2 so I see him like her dad anyways but want to experience a baby with a man that's there 100 %

I'm joining please. My temp dropped below cover line today and I'm cramping so AF should arrive today. Now to wait the 3 - 4 weeks before I might ovulate :s TTC #2, this will be month 4 of trying for us.
Sorry it didn't happen for you. Let keep positive for this month. Im tracking this monTN to pin point my ov time. Ive been off the pill for 4 months now after 9 years on it. Hopefully it happens soon for us all and we have just been missing that opotune moment

Positive sounds good. I need that at the moment. I'm slightly addicted to tracking lol
I've only just started tracking with the maybe baby to see when I'm ovulating and hopefully i can get some bd in there at the right time. I thought it would have happened by now aswell but I'm running with it will.happen when the time is right and ill just help get it right.

Yip it will happen, I'm going to do my best to relax about it this month. I'm still going to track my temps but I'm not going to use opks as I got rather obsessed with them last month :s I've had a falling out with my usual support system which has left me feeling very hurt and lost sad
Oh that's no good. Sorry to here that. I have no idea what opks are. When I had my daughter 9 years ago i just went off the pill and bam . Was expecting the same again but nope.

Ovulation prediction kits. Essentially you pee on a stick and it gives you a 24 - 48 hour heads up that you're about to ovulate. But you have to pee at the same time every day and they can be very temperamental. My son was a first month trying baby to, so I'm struggling with this as well.
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