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Start IVF injections in a couple of weeks Rss

Hi All,

I am due to start IVF injections in the next couple of weeks (7 November to be exact) and am becoming increasingly anxious and stressed about the thought. Just wondering if anyone else is due to start their injections around the same time and if so, how are you feeling? I have had thoughts of cancelling (IVF cold feet) and I know this is only because of the anxiety I am feeling. Anyone else feel or felt the same? Are the injections that bad? I don't care so much about the needles, more concerned about the emotional impacts. I can't imagine feeling anymore anxious than I currently am...arrggggh!!

Look forward to your thoughts.

Hi Kim. I think i replied to some earlier posts you had about doing ivf, something happened with my account and it was no longer there so I had to start a new one. The lead up to starting I found was the worse, so many thoughts go through your head and you go into over drive, but I honestly found like a huge weight had lifted once we started. It was all unknown and scary but it was just like a wave of relief hit that we were finally possibly going to achieve our dream. I didnt really find too many side effects in terms of emotionally, I just kept busy in that first half with work and going to the gym as I find that relaxing. A couple of days doing the injections and you quickly get used to them, the only one that had a sting to it was the clexane blood thinner one and it left considerable bruising. I tried to just focus on each step and getting through that but also looked at the bigger picture. Its amazing how strong you become when the time comes and you pull yourself through because you know why you are doing it. I have a friend who did a couple of cycles and they got cancelled because there were way too many eggs and then she kept putting it off and couldnt decide and now 6/7 years later she is in her 40s and has left it too late and has to live with the fact she didnt give it another try to see if she would have had her dream come true.
Hi Kaz,

Thanks for your message. Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual event which sounds like it was the case for you and I hope for me too. It's the whole unknown factor that comes into play I guess. I need to stop thinking ahead and about the what-ifs and focus on the now. I will copy your message to my phone and in my moments of doubt, shall read it! I feel like such a sook sometimes but trying to ignore my feelings will only make it worse so best to let it out. Thank god for these forums and friendly advice from people like yourself. It really does help and make a huge difference. Thanks again smile

You are welcome! I wish i had thought to look at forums when we were doing it as we chose not to tell family because we didnt want the added stress and had a few friends and although they were great they hadnt been through it. Dont think of yourself as a sook, its amazing how stressful it all becomes and builds up each month and then once you start the process its just a whole new feeling. The waiting when you know when its starting is the hardest part as you just want it to come along now! But if you feel like crying then go for it. Not knowing whether you would be successful at all the steps is the hardest part, but sometimes it is normal for the first cycle to be a bit of trial and error as they play around with dosages. I had my dosage changed once from memory, I was on quite a low dosage initially and it was increased slightly. I hope everything goes well for your cycle and would love to hear how you are going with it or if you need to ask anything else smile
Thanks Kaz. I am sure you I will want to contact you again with q's or concerns so will definitely take you up on the offer. My first injection is not this Friday but the following. Seems surreal that the beginning is so close. Bye for now smile
I have sent a follow request so if you accept that you can send a private message with anything you want to ask. smile
Great idea. I have been trying to find where I accept the follow request but had no luck. Was expecting an email or something. Do you know where I need to go on the site??
Ktill77 wrote:
Great idea. I have been trying to find where I accept the follow request but had no luck. Was expecting an email or something. Do you know where I need to go on the site??

Hmmm, not sure but you should get an email, but on this page next to my profile there should be a little person box and envelope, if you click on the person it should send a request through, maybe if you try it from your end I will see if I get anything or if it works? If it doesnt I will send you my email address if thats easier?
Happy to just swap emails..mine is smile

I have sent you an email message so hopefully you get it!
Hi Kim
I start my third round of ivf around the 8th November so we will be similar cycles. It's normal to be nervous, I'm the type of person that likes to have control and so I full understand the stress and the not know but just know that it's all good. The mental state is most of the battle when it comes to ivf, the injections are nothing and you get so use to them. I know you are probably thinking how will I get use to injecting myself because that's what I thought before my 1st round and now it doesn't bother me at all.

We are all here for each other oxoxoxo

Thanks Chickadee. My first injection the 7th of Nov so yes, our cycles very close. Your words are wisdom definitely help. I guess it's still an unknown for me hence the nerves. I can only hope my reaction to the hormones is the same as yours. Nothing too dramatic by the sounds of it. Had my last down reg pill today. One stage of the process completed!
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