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IVF - 28 years old - PCOS - success stories? Lock Rss

Have you tried letrozole? I'm 28 as well with PCOS, and hubby and I had been TTC since 2011. I've tried clomid, metformin, as well as a whole slew of natural remedies like maca, and as a last ditch effort before commencing IUI earlier this year my OBGYN decided to have me try Letrozole....and I got a BFP the very first cycle! It's a medication used to treat breast cancer, however it also makes you ovulate; so similar to clomid, but it worked for me when clomid didn't smile

He also had hubby start on a high antioxidant diet, to boost out chances of baby making success. Has your husband had his sperm tested? It might be a good idea to consider, in case there are other factors to consider.

Good idea with the acupuncture too - I did that for a year and that really helped my with regulating my periods.

Good luck with it all, don't be discouraged it will happen for you smile And it'll all be worth it!
Think positive.

I found out that I had PCOS 5 yrs ago(2009), I'm still single that time. My oby told me that it will be hard for me to get pregnant. She prescribed me some tablets(I can't remember what was the name) and pills. After 6 months of taking meds I went back to my oby and told me to stop taking it and back after 6 months for another check up. I never showed up nor visited my oby again..LOL.. Eat fresh veggies and more fruits.. Antioxidant food could help you.

I was 28 years old when I get married--that was June last year. After 3 months of trying I got pregnant.
I gave birth last June.

You are still young so don't frustrate yourself. There's hope. wink


hey there Foreverwaiting! I would suggest highly again metformin.from my experience try to control your insulin through your diet and use letrozole if you can or talk to your OBGN about it. I found letrozole better. Also, you mentioned you guys can only afford one cycle of IVF then I don't think you should be risking it. The holidays season is coming try to plan out a vacation from other countries, they are much cheaper and provide the same facility. Contact them beforehand though. The worst about IVF cycles in the states is that they have a poor success rate and cost way to much. The same services can be provided for much cheaper. I honestly can't seem to understand why anyone would opt for IVF cycles in the states.A lot of people get pregnant with PCOS do not be worried about that, the lesser the stress the more the chances.Try exercising as well you need to be in your best shape for IVF.So if you wanted to lose those extra pounds this would be a good time to do so.
I think its time you consider IVF. It is a process that has proven to be highly successful. The clinic I am visiting has so many couples who are going through the process. I recently was having a conversation with a pregnant lady, she was telling me about her IVF story. She told me that one of the reasons why her IVF was a success was because of the clinic. The clinic I am visiting is very passionate about their work. They make sure that whatever step they take the patient is fully aware of it. It is one of the reasons why my process so far is going go well. I am aware of everything that is going on. They also have all the latest equipments which will ensure that procedures like IVF go well. I hope you the very best of luck. Don't get disheartened. I am sure things will get better. If you need more help and information do let me know. Sending baby dust your way.
Hey. How are you doing? I have a story for you. A friend of mine recently underwent IVF. She also had PCOS like you. She did conceive a baby through IVF but that happened after her second cycle. The first one didn't work obviously. She had lost all hope. She didn't want to go for the second one. But her doctors believed it would happen. They talked to her. She decided to go for it again. I know of a place where you can get this done at an affordable price if you are worried about the costs. Let me know if you need recommendations. Good luck.
Hello. IVF can be really expensive in some places. But I do know of some clinics that are comparatively more affordable. I can recommend one to you if you wish. I'm sure you will be able to afford more cycles there. That would give you more chances of conceiving a baby through IVF. I'm sure you will make a wise decision. Good luck.
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