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TTC December 2014 Lock Rss

Well I am moving on to another month; cycle day 1 for me today, I usually have 35 day cycles so it will be at least 3 weeks before I ovulate. Hubby and I are now on cycle 7 of trying for bub#2. We have a nearly 3 year old son. I hope to have some people to talk to soon.
You have me smile
Cycle day 12 5 days till ovulation.
Cycle 6 ttc
Have a just turned 2yo son
Yay smile I hope we both get good news in December grin
Yay I'm back in this cycle, my surgery has been postponed till march! smile cd 15 should ov in the next 1-3 days
Welcome welcome grin Lovely to have someone to talk to
Moving over here from the Nov thread. I'll be testing next weekend. Goodluck to everyone this month!
Welcome! Good luck next weekend, keep us updated smile
Count me in as well. TTC for the first time, oh goodness. roll eyes
Good luck everyone!
Hi ladies very nice but a shame for us all to see familiar signings again ????

Hoping we all get the BFP for Xmas

I'm CD16 today but have had +ve opks for 3 days now so don't think I have actually O'd as yet. We have bd last 3 days but taking a break for a day or two so fingers x I don't actually miss it

I'm also temping this month so will see what putting all the info in fertility friends shows

Good luck
Think il move over to December too not holding onto much hope for November due for AF on Thursday and have all the pre-AF signs sad the silver lining is this last month my temp chart has looked like a normal chart low in the first half and staircase rises in the second half smile
Welcome everyone smile Best of luck to everyone and lots of baby dust coming everyone's way. I'm cd#5 today and I think this should be the last day of AF. On the countdown to ovulation now. Should be around day 21 I think.
We'll think today is going to be cd1 massive temp drop and spotting yay AF will be here soon sad oh well guess at least I know earlier than expected.
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