Hi. My dd is 18 mo. We want another soon. It's been about 2-3 months since I had my implanon removed. I've had 2 periods. When we were trying the first time I figured out I ovulate really early. It was around day 9 approx. I can't find my ovulation at all this time round. I've just finished my second period and I've been testing daily to try to find it and nothing. I'm starting to get really worried. I did a hpt a few weeks ago and it was negative. I'm keen to sort any issues out now but worried nobody will take me seriously yet. Hubbies pushing for kids close in age so I'm starting to feel the pressure. He says we should've started earlier but I'm only mentally ready now. I can feel the desperation again. Can your ovulation change at all? If I was regularly ovulating early before bub could it have moved to where it's supposed to be? I'm still bf too but only 2 times daily. I've been trying to wean but she just doesn't want too give it up