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Is this a bfp or shadow line Lock Rss

Ok I took a test at 145 when dd went down for a nap. I think I hadn't been to the loo in maybe 2-3 hrs, I had a coffee an hour ago no water. I've been thinking I'm pregnant for about 1.5 weeks but took a test last Monday at 9dpo and bfn. Today is 16dpo and at first if I squinted I thought I saw a pink line. As the time went on by 10 mins I can see it but it doesn't come up clearly in pics. I even went into the sun to see it clearly. What do you think. My cm is creamy and wet and has stayed that way since ovulation, cervix is high and hard to get to, can't decide if it's soft or med tho cause some parts of it are a bit firmer, cervix is def closed though. I've had no sickness just needing to pee a bit. It's now 30 post test and the line is def there but I know the chemicals can give it a false read after a while. I also peed in a cup and dipped it in even though it's a mid stream one.
I don't know how to add the photo
I can see a faint line. Might be worth doing one first thing in the morning to see what happens.

I see it too smile
I see it!

I also forgot to mention my af is due in 5days and my temp is rising. Today it was 37.10'and two days ago it was 36.71
Yep I can see a second line, and it looks a little pink too? I've seen evaporation lines before and they're more of a grey shadow... anyhow fx you get the result you want, another test first thing in the morning should hopefully give you a clearer result smile
Just wanted to say thanks ladies. I ended up doing 4 tests within 24hrs and all were positive. Been to the drs today and even his test was positive. Im about 3 weeks
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