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TTC February 2015 Lock Rss

I can't believe I'm here again. Hubby and I planning #3. We are going to start next month. Who is joining me?

I'm joining in for Feb. I'm due to test on the 6th. This will be our 3rd cycle TTC#4.
Jumping over from Jan.
This cycle 2 TTC #3 CD 1. O day is on Feb 5 DH birthday!!!! According to the app I've been using "my days x" it looks good, love all the options it has but wonder if I should also check another one out?
So my cycles have been
Nov 28days
Dec 24days
Jan 26days

Working on 26 day cycle O day is 12 days in. What's everyone's opinion on this?
Hi Ladies, my hubby and I TTC #1. We are very newly married and are jumping straight into things. My cycles are between 25-28 days which is a bit confusing - 4th is O. I know I ovulate as I get ewcm but I am wondering when the best time to BD? Every 2nd day a week from O I've heard?
Bez I use fertility friend and find it really easy to use. If you track your temps you will see how long your luteal phase is (that is the time between ovulation and AF starting) and you will able to use that to could back from when AF is due to figure out when ovulation is. For me my average cycle length is 35 days and my average luteal phase is 13 days so I usually ovulate around day 22 or 23. Does that make sense? You can also use OPK's which are sticks you pee on around ovulation which measure your hormone levels. There is one hormone is particular that spikes aprox 24 hours before ovulation occurs so when you get a positive you know it is game on time. They can be hard to read though but coupled with temping you can get a pretty good idea of what your body is going.

Rebekah you should be BDing as much as you can in the week leading up to ovulation. Sperm live for about 5 days and the egg only lives for 24 hours so you've got a fertile period of about 5 or 6 days.
Awesome thanks Kylie64. Got FF so now I'll transfer all my data in. Can you use ear temp for basal in the morning? It just asks for oral or vaginal.
You're very welcome smile No you really need to get a specific basal thermometer, they are much more sensitive than normal thermometers. They read your temp to 2dp and you see a temp rise after ovulation due to different hormones being released but the spike is only normally about 0.3 of a degree so your normal thermometer wont read that.
What ovulation kits are the best brands?
I get mine from a website here in NZ ( I've also used the first response kits that are sold through supermarkets. I've also heard you can get them delivered from EBay
Thank you. I just ordered a bunch off eBay, 65 in fact so should be right to cover the next couple of months. Hope I don't need to use them all but I'm sure it will be a huge advantage getting a high density of samples first few months I guess.
I use a lot more than I need to I think. Fertility friend will use them and your temps to pinpoint ovulation.
Will hopefully be starting our ttc for #2 in Feb/March- my cycles are a bit all over the place after having my mirena removed!
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