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  5. Well I think my son will be getting a sibling sooner than I thought!

Well I think my son will be getting a sibling sooner than I thought! Lock Rss

Hi everyone! Well it's no secret my partner and I would love another baby! Our first son is almost 9 months old and I think I may be pregnant, I'm 6 days late and I'm feeling a wave of symptoms.. In the 8 years I've had my periods I've always been regular except when I fell pregnant the first time.
I feel so nauseas! I can barely eat sad even the smell of my sons food is sending me gagging! My boobs are that sore and hard, I've been crying over the most stupidest things
Lol and I'm finding I'm falling asleep sitting on the lounge or wanting to drift off often during the day (which is definitely not like me) if I was to be pregnant It would be a massive surprise! Hubby and I have been extra careful but he gets a little carried away sometimes... I have no one to talk to about this because I'm not 100% sure.. Will be testing if they don't come in the next 2 weeks..
Oh really? I thought it was too early to get an accurate result, I'll get a test today and see what it says smile
ooo yes test!!! I got a very faint line a few days after mine was due but I ovulated a week late so technically was early. You might be able to join us in the November thread

I'll try testing tomorrow morning, I'm really not fussed either way but secretly would be so excited for another one! we really wanted to wait until my son was 2 to have another but it took us a year to fall pregnant so if it's earlier than we expected atleast it happened at all.. Well I'll update you ladies as soon as I know! smile
Thanks for replying smile
Just tested about 10 minutes ago and got a negative result, I'll wait out the next week and see what happens and check again or see the doctor smile I'm not fussed either way just strange I'm this late when I'm very regular with my periods only ever a day or 2 out.
Yeah definitely haha I'm just trying to keep my mind off it and keep busy and hopefully something happens haha I went through my period tracker and 3 weeks ago I did have light spotting for 2 days... Starting to think maybe that could've been a period early?
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