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TTC MAY 2015 - anyone :) Lock Rss

Hi I thought I would start this thread for those who think magical May might be their month I'm in doubts I will conceive April so I'm looking forward to May as my cycles have changed due to the possibility of having PCOS ( not positive yet waiting for scans) so I give everyone magical May baby dust to all and let's hope we all get a BFP smiles all around
Is anyone possibly joining May
Hey Hope2have1 smile I'm in middle of TTC April, but if it doesn't work out this month (Not feeling positive) I'll jump over and join ya in a couple weeks
Hey hope2have1! I am the same as lala at the moment smile
Im in April as well but i just got af after a chemical pregnancy so will def be in for May.
I was in April too but also got af so will be in for May.
Im here! I like the magical may never heard of that....heres to magic! X

Hi ladies yes I was in April to but I'm not feeling positive about it so I made this thresd incase and also for everyone else and yes magical May as I'm hoping May will me a magical month for me in hoping to conceive and also my birthday is in May now that would be an awesome birthday present but so far away
Hi girls, my af is basically finished and my head cold nearly gone so bring on the bding smile xx
Well no success in April so bring on May!
I will be joining this thread too am on CD 3 smile
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