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Hi everyone,

After numerous conversations with my husband and lots of research, I have recently offered to be a surrogate for friends of ours who have been told she cannot carry a child. It is a big decision and one they are still thinking over.

I know there are a lot of stories out there of surrogacy going wrong, I would love to hear of stories of it going right. Especially between friends. I would also welcome advice for going through this process if they decide to go ahead. (Residing in the state of Victoria)

Thanks so much.
I don't have any experience with surrogacy but just wanted to say that you are doing such a wonderful thing by offering this to your friend. I hope all goes well and everything works out for you all.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am glad you are willing to be a surrogate. This decision must be hard for you. But i support you. You are doing a great job. I suggest you to visit Bio TexCom for the treatment. They are the best in this field. I wish all goes well during your journey. Good Luck
I also have experience with surrogacy. I thought i should also share my experience with surrogacy with you people here.
I am from Japan and was happily married. I had hysterectomy cancer from early stage. I went for the treatment and i was cancer free. But this resulted in lifetime infertility. First 6 years of our marriage passed on happily roaming around the world. After 6 years we both felt the need of our children. But we both knew that i am infertile. So my husband decided that we will go through surrogacy to have a baby. Japan has banned the surrogacy. My husband contacted a number of clinics from around the globe. Than we moved to Europe. In Europe we stayed for 4 months. But we didn't found a satisfying clinic. After 4 months we moved to Ukraine. There are many clinics regarding surrogacy. We picked a good clinic. The clinic started our process soon and all things went well. The clinic found a good surrogate for us. Now the surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. The clinic and the surrogate made our dream come true of having a baby. If someone is looking for some good clinics for surrogacy. You should surely go to Ukraine for it.
How beautiful and thoughtful is that! So nice to hear this beautiful thing from you. What could be more awesome than to have a friend as a surrogate? The bond would reach a higher level. You would share a unique bond. Yes, I have heard a story of a girl who had a surrogate and that was her friend too. This beautiful thing makes surrogacy even more unique. I wish you both all the very best.
May all the good comes on your way.
Hello darling. How are you? You are very selfless to have made this decision. You are an amazing woman. You have great courage. But I have heard a lot about surrogacy in Ukraine. Your friend should go for that as well. The doctors are amazing. They do great work.. They are very good and give the best surrogates. You should talk to her about it. I hope it goes well. Love.
Hey! How are you doing Sweetie? I am so glad you had a support of your husband, it is truly a blessing. Please do share your surrogacy experience with us. I am a mother of one son who was born through IUI. After some complications, I had to go through a hysterectomy. So, one of my cousins who had gone through multiple miscarriages and got a child through surrogacy suggested me to opt for surrogacy in a clinic in Europe. I am currently consulting the doctors in that clinic and they are really helpful. They have created awareness regarding all the procedures available for conception and I and my husband found surrogacy the best option. So I would recommend you to consult more doctors and analyze which option is the best. We all strive to complete our families. I hope I hear some good news soon. Wishing you all the best!
Hello, there. How are you? I hope you're good. This is such an amazing post. You're an angel. Trust me, you are. You deserve the best, in life. You are doing such a heroic job. The world needs more people like you. This is not something small! You're voluntarily helping out a friend by being a surrogate. This is big! You're my hero. I hope things go smoothly. Keep up the amazing work!
Surrogacy is the best thing. I had an experience with surrogacy. many are choosing it. Because through surrogacy you can have a genetic baby. I have faced infertility for so long. I wanted a baby badly. I wanted to enjoy motherhood. But it was all in vain. Later I went for IVF. It was a good procedure. But it was not made for me. So I decided to go for surrogacy. I have a baby now. I have no more worries. I am a happy mother now. I hope this will encourage other too.
Well, I prefer surrogacy too. I tis appreciable to be a surrogate. I know it is not easy. But we really appreciate the woman being surrogates. It is hard to give birth to someone else baby. My friend was infertile. She wanted to be a mother. But no luck. So she chose surrogacy. As IVF also failed for her. She was broken. Her husband was also infertile. Surrogacy was their last option. She has a daughter now. She is so happy. It was like a blessing.
Hey. I hope you are doing fine. I would love to share my experience. I suffered from Infertility due to Uterine polyps disease. But, I Wouldn't lose hope. I went for other Unnatural methods like Surrogacy. I had 3 miscarriages in my early married life. I was left infertile. But I wouldn't give up. I went for IVF but that was a painful procedure so I left. Then one of my Freinds suggested me about Surrogacy. Surrogacy is the painless and the best procedure. By which you will have your own biological baby. I went to Europe for the suggested clinic. They provided us with a Surrogate who got pregnant after some weeks. When I heard about that my Heart blossomed with joy. I am enjoying motherhood now.
hello dear. how, are you? hope you are fine. I'm really glad you're doing this. I mean being surrogate. i is such a useless thing to do. you're bearing all the pain for your friend. I wish I has such friends. I am facing infertile too. I love you for this. you should defiantly go for this. I'm here to support. best of luck. you're my favorite now. take care. bye.
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