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TTC June 2015 Lock Rss

Hi - I'm going to go ahead and start the TTC June thread after AF arrived for me today.

We have a 2 year old and TTC no.2 - this is cycle 5 for us.
Hi Lala, I will join you too.

My af is just finishing.

We have a 4.5 yr old and a 19 month old, ttc #3 and around cycle 10 (first 5 cycles were not trying not preventing (ntnp) though).

I am trying acupuncture this cycle and had my first session on Thursday with 3 more weekly ones pre booked.

Good luck! xx

Hi ladies,

I'll be joining you in June since AF isn't due until then.

We have a DD who just turned one, so ttc #2, this is our 3rd cycle.

I hope this is all our lucky month.

Hi ladies I will be in here as I miscarried 10 days ago so hoping we can get preggo fast but took 9 months this last time and 18 months for my DD

Hey ladies,

I will be joining you all in here too as had my last AF 2nd May and because my cycles lengths are typically 26 days, it puts me due for next AF on 28th May! Ugh it's bad enough to get AF once a month, let alone twice!! sad So I am guessing I can jump from last thread (May) to this one. I know 100% I will get next expected AF because we weren't able to BD during last ovulation time *sigh*.

Nice to see some familiar names in this thread already so hopefully this is the lucky month for all of us!

I have two boys aged 10 and 8 yrs old. My partner has a DD who's 4 years old. We are TTC our first one and only one together and on cycle 5. We will be using the SMEP this cycle and see what its like, it seems to suit us after doing some research so fingers crossed! smile

~*~*Sticky Baby Dust To ALL~*~*

Kumeroa - Awww I am sorry to hear of your miscarriage! I have been down that road myself in the past so my heart truly goes out to you during this sad time. Fingers crossed you get a real sticky bean this cycle! smile
Hi all

Will join in on June as AF isn't due until mid June. I'm on CD7 so we will start BD this week.

We have 1 year old DS and TTC #2 this is our first cycle. We fell pregnant with DS1 using the SMEP so will follow that again this time round. smile

Baby dust to all for this month

Nau mai everyone smile

Kumeroa, I'm sorry to hear of your miscarriage sad I hope that you are doing OK and if you need to vent just feel free to do so here!

Someone asked in the last thread what people were doing to help their chances - I think I might have to look at OPKs this month, I am having trouble accepting the fact I have failed to conceive over the last 4 cycles!! At least my cycles seem to be getting more consistent and back to around 25-27 days like it used to be. I have cut back my caffeine intake, I'm a serial instant coffee drinker - it's a comfort/habit thing for me, so have changed to decaf for 90% of the time. Less junk food, exercising more often (when I can!) etc. I don't want to get too deep into the temping/OPKs just yet, as it's only cycle 5!! My mum told me it took her 8 months to get pregnant the second time around, I hope I'm not following the same pattern...

I'm in for June. After lots of discussion DH and I have decided we're going to go for #2 and this'll be cycle 1 for us. Not sure when AF is due as still breastfeeding my 1.5 year old so cycles are all over the place at them moment. Will give it a go for a few cycles and if no success will probably try to hurry up the weaning process (currently not offering, not refusing).

I got pregnant cycle 1 with my first baby so trying not to get excited as super unlikely to be that lucky again (especially breastfeeding).

Good luck everyone.
Welcome to the new ladies, fx this is all our lucky month.

Sorry to hear of your m/c kumero.

Cd12 for me, started testing with my opks this morning, very stark white negative so i'm hoping I get at least a faint line tomorrow as I usually O on cd15. I would hate to O later this cycle as it just makes everything take longer. After O I will be starting B6 to hopefully help lengthen my luteal phase, fx it works.

Baby dust to us all.

Hello all smile

I am starting my opks today, quite early but I got a heap for really cheap off ebay so thought what the heck.

Had my first acupuncture session last Thursday night and another one booked for this Thursday morning.

Good luck for everyone! XX
Just putting it out there if we wanted to start a list for June? I saw the May thread and figured AF isn't due until June. Have put in two weeks before and two week wait.

AJL < 3 - TTC #2 cycle 1 O due 24/25 May AF due 11 June

Adding myself to the list:

AJL < 3 - TTC #2 cycle 1 O due 24/25 May AF due 11 June
[email protected]@ - TTC #2, cycle 3, O due 21 May, AF due 1-4 June


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