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12DPO Charting Question Temp Rises, Help Please :) Lock Rss

Hey Everyone,

My partner and I are on cycle 6 of TTC, I am 25 he is 27 both very healthy. We are booked in to see a fertility specialist next week as we have sex everyday my doctor can't see why we haven not conceived yet.

I had a blood test at CD21 to confirm ovulation I got a result of 60 which is really good apparently. I ovulated on CD18 -19, Am waiting for AF to arrive but my temps are still high, but I tested BFN this morning at 12dpo.... This is only my second month charting, any input on my chart would be greatly appreciated. My cycles are usually 28-30 days so I was due for AF Monday - Thursday this week.

Thanks xx

Hi there. I hope I get all this right but I'll just share what I know of having done charting myself. Am not sure of what your stars mean (if it is ovulation) even without them I would think ovulation day was CD 15-16. For me I don't read or try not to read to much into high temperatures until the day of AF. I have had it where I have a high temp right until the day before AF arrives. If I'm due AF and it doesn't arrive and my temps stay high I can be pretty much sure I'm prego. I've heard a lot if your temps are consistently high by DPO18 there is a good chance your pregnant. This does very from women to women and the only way to know is to chart some more cycles so you can see your pattern.

At 12 DPO it is also still very early to be testing but I would be putting you at 15 DPO. As hard as it is to wait give it a couple of days and test gain, and of course keep a record so you can compare next cycle if it doesn't happen this month.

Thanks so much for your reply smile Those stars are when the app says I should ovulate but I always ovulate later, this cycle I got my positive OPK CD 17-18 and OV'd on CD19 or CD20 (Confirmed by Blood test), So I am 11 or 12dpo...... I am due for AF Monday (gone), Tuesday (gone) today (no sign of AF) or tomorrow... Have never had my temps stay this high smile

Will definitely be keeping for record either way, Thank You xx
Hi I'm not very knowledgable on temping myself but I would not stress if I were you. my husband and I are in a similar boat, young healthy and it took 10 months .
I wouldn't stress too much. 6 months isn't that bad.

Good luck.

6 months is no time at all. My husband and I are in a similar boat to you, and we were trying for 7 months before we fell pregnant. Sadly, that resulted in a miscarriage at 7 weeks, and 5 weeks later, I have tested positive again (hoping this one sticks wink )
I don't know much about these charts since I went the old school when calculating the ovulation. All I can say is it is not uncommon for couples to conceive after two years or even longer. So, give yourself time and try not to think much about it. The nature will take care of it. Otherwise, if you pressure yourself or your partner you'll get sick of trying.
Hi, We had the same probs - ended up having to do IVF for both mine. WE were told early on that having sex too often sometimes didn't help - the sperm isn't too healthy or something like that. They say the healthiest sperm is 3 days between if that helps. Also, as someone else said sometiems charting can actually put more stress on you because you feel like you ahve to ahve sex on a certain day or at a certain time.
Just relax, and i'm sure you'll be fine.
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