This popped up in my Facebook feed so thought I'd share it
Fertility Associates have a special on this week only

For $300 you can get your own basic fertility blood work, partners sperm analysis and dr's consult. That's pretty good! (Website says usually $450)
I have no affiliation with them so nothing to gain by sharing this info, but think it's well worth it, especially for those who have been TTC for a while.
If nothing else if all tests come back within normal range its good peace of mind.. Or for others it may identify a problem you may never have known existed, can then act on it. If you wait the recommended 12 months then get GP referral then wait again for your appointment .... it's a long time.

We've already just had all these tests done so we won't be doing this "deal" but wanted to share with others in case it's something anyone's interested in smile