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First IVF Cycle... any tips? Lock Rss

Hi all!!

So DH and I are through the first week of our first ever IVF cycle... gotten the hang of the needles finally but what makes me really anxious is whats still to come...

so what I'm asking for is if any of you out there have any advice or tips for us?

Thanks in advance

Mrs MacGregor
Good luck!!

We did our first cycle in April, unfortunately unsuccessful but we have two frozen before we have to think about a full cycle again.

My advice is be kind to yourself and take it easy! It is an emotional roller coaster. Depending on how many follicles you produce will influence how you feel around egg collection. I found I wasn't particularly bloated but after collection was uncomfortable.

I found the hardest was the two weeks between the transfer and the negative, because you know something was put back and you are hopeful it works out.
Trying not to be a negative Nancy here, but my best advice is that if it doesn't all happen the way you hope first time around, it's not the end of the world. You need to have a lot of faith and patience and hang in there!

We did three rounds of IVF. Each time we got very low number of eggs (4,4 & 5). First round we had a day two transfer, no frozen embryos, negative result. Second round none made it to day two for transfer. But our third round we got our BFP! Currently 14 weeks pregnant smile

Most of my friends who had done IVF fell pregnant with their frozen embryos, so it killed me that we never got to that stage. Turns out I was worried about nothing, the fresh transfer at two days (just four cells!) worked fine for us. But along the way....there were plenty of times when I worried it just might not work for us.

So don't get caught up in how many eggs or embryos you get, don't put too much pressure on yourself over every stage because the stress is counter productive. The physical stuff you'll be fine with, the emotions are the really hard part. Try to think as positively as possible (easier said than done, I know). And don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to, whether it be friends, family, IVF clinic, doctor, forums etc. Forums can be a great place for support smile

All the best - it's a nerve wracking time but totally worth it to achieve your dream!

I just gave birth 6 days ago to our IVF miracle. One thing that is very important to do if, heaven forbid, the round fails, especially if you are going through the public system here in NZ for your treatment, is to meet with one of their specialists and go through the round and what you can do to make sure the next round works. Our first round failed and they were just going to repeat everything for our second (and last) round but we went in and I reminded them that I had endometriosis. Suddenly the plan of action changed dramatically! Medication, surgery to remove my endo, (plus some acupuncture treatment) and low and behold, round 2 worked. Take ownership of the process and demand some answers especially if it doesn't work. Fingers crossed for you though that this round works for you and my advice won't be needed. smile

And I agree with all the advice above. Definitely be kind to yourself. Don't panic about the number of eggs and embryos - we only had one embryo at the end of round 2 but you only need one to be successful; my son is proof of that. grin

Also, any timelines they give you (like 'we think you'll be doing your egg transfer in a couple of days') - remember they are guesses! I found it very difficult during the first round when they kept pushing back dates because I was a slow responder. It did my head in! Because I knew I was a slow responder, I was much more relaxed in the second round and took their timelines as estimates, not guarantees.

Good luck, and hang in there. It's a rough road but 100% worth it when it works.

Its really natural to be nervous. One minute your on a high and really hopeful, next minute your crying your eyes out. Keep an open mind, and hold on to your baby dream. My hubby and I have recently fallen pregnant after 3 stimulated cycles and our 9th transfer!! We have had absolutely nothing up until now. Best wishes and Hoping its a short journey to success for you both smile
Hi Nmacgregor56, how's the IVF going? Hope all goes well for you smile
I'm probably going to do my first IVF cycle at the end of July so a bit apprehensive as I know it could be a long road ahead from what I have read on these forums. Anyway, I will hope for the best. I'm glad we have these forums though, it's nice how everyone supports and encourages each other. Good luck to all smile
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry that you are going for it. IVF is a tough journey. you have to be strong to work your way around it. I hope you get what you want. The only this I can give you is. That does what your doctor says. Be mentally strong. Have good support. Be strong and be positive. IVF can sometimes take its time. I hope you only get the best of it. Take care. Good luck.
Just wait for the fertilization now. Be prepared for anything. It can be anything. You can have a good number of fertilized eggs. Or it can be vice versa. Just stay calm. You need to be mentally prepared. It is an emotional roller coaster indeed. Just be ready for whatever comes your way. I have been through this. I think the fertilization and implantation is the most crucial time. I mean it makes you go crazy. If the eggs will fertilize. If the eggs implanted in you will turn into a pregnancy. All this makes you mad. Trust me. Just try to calm your nerves.
Hey there. I hope you are doing great. The only tips you need is strong. Positivity is all you need. Thinks will get better. Take care. Good luck.
Hey, Mrs. MacGregor, I hope everything goes well. Just stay positive and keep reminding yourself that it will work. It is extremely important that you have faith in yourself. Other than that eat healthy food that contains the essential nutrients that are needed by your body. Do yoga to give your body the energy that is needed. Other than this consult your doctor regarding acupuncture if that will help in your case. A lot of women get this done before the retrieval. You will now start to feel bloated as the retrieval days come closer. Good luck!
What much I could advise. More than having a calm nerve. Because this is a damn emotional roller coaster. And you would probably feel sick and tired of the cycles and the procedure.
Most women make them self more upset by keep on checking results every damn time. And I think that's the worst thing you could do to yourself. Stay calm. Doctors would tell you the results when they would find it appropriate. Till then you have to stay calm.
Never let your self-feel frustrated. Keep yourself busy with the good thoughts. Good luck.
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