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Could I be pregnant? Lock Rss

Hi. So i have been on the jadelle for almost 2 years now and havnt had a period since the rods were inserted. Ok heres the tricky part. 3 weeks ago i noticed some blood when i was wiping down there...this happened twice on different occasions but that was it no spotting etc. Then 2 weeks ago i noticed my boobs have grown quite significantly and they are really sore and hard. Other symptoms i have are slight nausea but no vomiting, increased need to pee, little cramps in my lower stomach especially when im stretching, discharge has increased and changed color (white creamy ..sorry TMI) ,and with my 1st pregnancy i noticed that just before i found out i was pregnant i had lost a bit of weight and the same has happened. I last had sex 2 weeks ago and before that it was all the time (partner has since moved to australia) i took a test 2 days ago and it was negative. I feel pregnant..i have alot of symptoms. . Do you think it was too early to test or if it is even possible to get pregnant on the jadelle?

Any advise welcome.
Thanks in advance.
Just bumping your post to get a few replies smile
Those do sounds like early pregnancy symptoms but the only way you're going to be sure is if you go and see the doctor or take a HPT. All contraceptives can fail. Good luck either way. smile
All these are like early pregnancy symptoms. As Panda told sometimes birth control methods fail. It is good to consult your doctor.

I Have been trying ttc for our second baby for 11 months without any success.... This month at CD 7 I did a hycosy which was positive because everything went fine and everything in place. I am on 12dpo I've been trying to take my basal throughout those months but I never took it so seriously until this month... Can someone tell me if I am on the right track please? Cm have been sticky and very little and yellow snot like .. apart from beeing crampy once in a while or little pelvic pain I had never other traditional pregnancy symptoms except for today I had diarrhea. Also I can't remember I had any symptoms on baby 1 except that I had diarrhea ... and its been three years since so I cannot remember

My tempreture since ovulation are as follows
1dpo 36.4C
2dpo 36.5
3dpo 36.6
4dpo 36.7
5dpo 36.5
6dpo 36.6
7dpo 36.5
8dpo 36.7
9dpo 36.7
10dpo 36.6
11dpo 36.7
12dpo 36.7

tomorrow I will be expecting AF ... Last month my temps dropped at 12dpo (36.4 ) and af day to 36.1. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
Sory all!
But i have a question that i want to ask you?
My children is 2 years, but he often watch cartoon before he goes bed? Is it right??
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