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Too young? Lock Rss

Nope not too young, that's the ideal age! I had my son at 30 but wanted one from around your age. Hubby took a bit of convincing lol.

If you are in a stable relationship and ok financially then I say go for it!

I'm am 24 and have just got a positive test, tonight actually!

I too feel young, but I know we can provide everything the baby will ever need right now, there are some 40year olds out there who still can't say that.

I think if you are ready, age shouldn't be an issue smile plus you never know, it might take a while to conceive.
25 is definitely not too young!
I had my first at 17 and second at 18.
By what you have posted you sound like you are stable and ready so go for it! smile
I had my first at 24 and my third at 28. Everyone is ready at different times and I'm sure you will be fine. You sound like you are organised and prepared for what is ahead of you.
It has not a lot to do with age and a whole lot more to do with stability. I had just turned 20 with my first and am now 25 expecting number 4 smile
I'm 24, my husband is 25 and we have a (nearly) 18month old. EVERYONE told us we were too young, but we are having the time of our lives! Our son is the best thing that's ever happened to us.. We both have careers (my husband is a high school teacher and I am a makeup artist) and interests of our own, but our son now comes first.
We have lost friends over our decision to start a family, as most of them are still partying hard, but we have also made lots of new friends!
At the end of the day, you need to make the decision that is best for you (and your partner!) because everyone will have an opinion on what is right or wrong.
Good luck with whatever you choose!
I am having 9 weeks old baby and My age is 26 years. 25 years is ok. It is not too early.
I had my first at 26, fell pregnant just after our first wedding anniversary. I had my second at 29 and am now trying for my 3rd and am 31. I felt it was a perfect age as i had been with my now hubby since i was 18 and we had a lot of years partying, travelling, etc then settled into married life for a year and then fell pregnant.
There's no right or wrong answer. If you feel ready i say go for it smile
I know young people who are good parents and older people who struggle as parents. It is not really about age, but more about being ready to have a baby, and all that comes with it. I am 25, my dh, and I have 3 kids aged 5 and under, and are trying for number 4. I love being a mum, my kids mean everything to me and I am so glad that I had kids young. When my youngest is 20 I will only be 46 (assuming we only have 4)
25 is definitely NOT too young! Honestly, it's getting ridiculous the amount of "conditions" people have when it comes to people having children. You're in a stable relationship, you have the means to provide for a child, so there shouldn't be a problem smile If you're ready then you're ready.

By other people's standards I'm "too young" (I'm 21 - been with my partner for almost 5 years and married for 2 of them, both of us have jobs, etc) but that doesn't make me any less capable as a parent and those who know me really well would agree (my parents, close friends).

I don't feel I'm to young but if I talk about to others they give me 'the look' because of my age I'm 21 but I've been with my OH for almost 3 yrs the only worry I have is im not as financial as I want to be but I know I will be able to give my baby what he/she would need (when it happens ) I say if you feel ready and your partner is happy with it age is just a number
Hi smile if you and your partner are happy to start having a family then your not too young. I think its different for everybody. Im turning 24 this year and I have a 4yr old and 6month old. My partner and I always wanted to start a family younger rather than later. I figure weve already had our family and while we may not be flowing in money we are still ahead of lots of people our age with plenty of time to do other things (career or otherwise). Children require lots of energy! So im glad im young!! Also to be honest I would say that until children start going to school my experience is they actually arent very expensive anyway. The biggest thing is saving for schooling smile
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