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implanon removal & TTC Lock Rss

“Hi, I had my implanon removed Monday night 15/06/15 and the next day (Tuesday) i was so tired and lethargic, was a little crampy and keep thinking my period is starting I feel all wet and like I'm leaking but when I go to the bathroom and wipe it's just like clear watery cm, wednesday i wasn't as tired but crampy and nauseous the same feeling like i was going to get my period or withdrawal bleed, this morning (thursday) i am feeling fine just nauseous and i have minimal cramping but these annoying twinges like a twitch on my left side of my lower abdomen.. i wish i would just the withdrawal bleed so i can getinto a cycle so we can TTC #1...
any one else had anything similar with implanon removal... or any success stories?
I got my implanon removed 6 weeks ago and am now 5 weeks pregnant, didnt get a period at all and havent had one since feb ( didnt get periods on my implanon) so you can be fertile pretty much straight away. Cant say i had any of the syptoms you descibed but good luck and hope you get that positive soon smile
Thanks so much for the reply!
That's so great! Congrats to you!!
How long after your implanon was out did you take a pregnancy test?
It was out about 3 and a half weeks and i done a test that was positive then got a blood test that also confirmed it smile
Oh wow that's so soon! How exciting for you! Mines only been out 5 days an I feel so off, these twitches are becoming more and more and the nauseous is all day and I've been vomiting a couple of times... Cramps have disappeared but boobs are starting to become tensor and still no sign of AF showing up... Hoping to get my BFN soon. Going to wait another week and a half 2 weeks to see if AF turns up to test or go to the Doctor.
just an update from my orginal post, i feel so nauseated thinking of food... not while im eating and after i eat.... i vomit at least once a day sometime 3/4 times this has been happening since saturday... i had what i thought was going to be my period starting monday, woke up went to the bathroom and wiped and had dark/brownish bit of blood in a egg white type CM and had a little more blood when i wiped later monday morning... no sign of blood since.. just weird cramp/heaviness in my belly and vomitting, bad headache monday/tuesday as well!!
would love some advice?!?!?
Might be worth do a pregnancy test wink
I did do one on Monday may have been too soon, I don't want to keep doing them and being disappointed... Maybe I should wait till the weekend....
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