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TTC July 2015 Lock Rss

Hi ladies smile I thought I would start this TTC July thread since AF arrived this morning for me.

I have two boys aged 10 and 8 yrs old. My partner has a DD who's 4 years old. We are TTC our first one and only one together and are now onto cycle 6. We will be using the SMEP again this cycle and hopefully if luck is on our side we can follow that plan properly this time as last month was a bit of a hit and miss with BD'ing! smile

Will start a new list....

Lovablenz - TTC #3 Cycle 6, O due 3rd July (approx) AF due 18th July (approx)

Hi loveablenz smile hubby and I have no children and are trying for our first. We haven't used contraception for over a year but didn't start actively trying until June. Although we know it's not highly likely we'll conceive this month it'd be great if we did because then we'd be able to announce it on our five year anniversary.


Lovablenz - TTC #3 Cycle 6, O due 3rd July (approx) AF due 18th July (approx)
dejanz - TTC#1 cycle 1, O due roughly 22nd June, AF due 6th July


Hey dejanz smile Oh congrats on the upcoming 5 yr anniversary! Yes getting a BFP around that time would just be the icing the cake so to speak so fingers crossed you get your wish grin

I am going to do some online research and go stock up on some more OPK tests for this new cycle. At my age I need all the added help like OPK's I can get for our hopeful BFP lol. I will be 37 in Oct and DP will be 28 in Aug so I am known as 'elderly' when it comes to trying to get pregnant ha! wink
Hi ladies!
Joining you here for July!
My hubby and I are trying for our first Bebe, this will be cycle 3. I've just finished AF who decided to show up early this month. I'm not sure if we will have a break this month or not. I have a doctors appointment in two weeks on the 6th July to get bloods and vaccinations done if I need too. If I need vaccinations I have to wait a month before trying again, but it doesn't matter anyway, as my doc appointment lies smack bang in the middle of when I will most likely ovulate. Has anyone done this before? Did you vaccinate before starting TTC?
Good luck to all for this month! =)
Thanks! If I don't get a positive OPK tomorrow I'll have to go get more. It's the first month tracking using OPKs and so I have no idea when I actually ovulate haha. I did actually get a faint second line this morning though so hopefully it's soon.

I really hope you get yours! DH and I are 21 haha so I'm hoping that works in our favour.

Jellybean - I haven't done this before. You actually just reminded me, I should probably schedule a doctor visit!

Hey jellybean smile Well here's hoping you don't need any vaccinations so you can try again this month for that BFP! No I haven't had any vaccines before TTC, I never even thought about it to be honest. That really makes me think if I should check with my doctor about that because as far as I know I am fully vaccinated?!

That might be something I need to ask my mother as I have no idea if you got jabs when I was a child back in the 80's (oh gawd I feel sooo old lol). I do remember getting that intermediate one when I was 11 yrs old but nothing since. Why do I get the feeling that not having any as an adult is not a good thing? Will let ya know about that smile

dejanz - If you got a faint second line this morn with your OPK then try doing another one this afternoon (they say around 2pm is the best time to do OPK tests for most women, using your first wee of the day is not recommended for OPK'S) as you should go into a spike soon. If you get a couple days of solid positives then I would say that is when your ovulating so get loads of BD'ing in from now on just in case lol wink

Oh really? I didn't know that! Haha I've been testing in the mornings.

Hi ladies, I am joining this thread too.
I am 24 and my partner is 28 and this is cycle #11 for us TTC baby number 1. Been a long journey for me so far I've been following these threads from about cycle #3 so feel like I've been writing in these forums for aaages. Have seen most ladies come and move on with their BFPs already, I hope that will be me soon. Good luck everyone I hope this will be a lucky month x

Lovablenz - TTC #3 Cycle 6, O due 3rd July (approx) AF due 18th July (approx)
dejanz - TTC#1 cycle 1, O due roughly 22nd June, AF due 6th July
evey-vdw TTC #1 Cycle 11 O due 2nd July AF due 16th July

Hi lovely ladies, i will join you guys in here too as my af is due early July but I'm in that in between month.

My hubby and i have 2 boys aged nearly 5 and 20 months and ttc#3. On cycle 11 too but first 6 months we weren't tracking or anything.

I'm still breastfeeding my 20 month old but have had regular cycles since he was 6 months old. I have just cut out all overnight feeds and giving bottle for that so now just feeding before bed and 6/7am.

I am doing fertility acupuncture and taking vitex this month and have cut out all coffee now (was getting very sick from it anyway) and also trying to do SMEP

My 20 month old took 12 cycles to conceive.

I am using opks and due to ovulate now or next day or so.

Here's to hoping it's our lucky month girls.

Same here Ellie! Supposed to O todayish. Took a second OPK and the second line was slightly darker but still faint. I'm out of OPKs for now but told the hubby to get some more on his way home so hopefully he remembers haha. Fingers crossed July is just as good as June is turning out for the 5 girls that got their BFPs smile

Hi ladies! Just thought id pop in and see how we are all doing today? I have not long got home from work and I feel absolutely shattered, must be an old age thing haha wink Gawd I am totally over this AF already and wishing for it bugger off so I can get onto OPK testings again for this cycle. I am not one to be too bothered with AF cramps as they are usually quite mild but HELL last night was just horrible! The cramps were so bad that I had to take some painkillers and go to bed super early, like 9pm! Talk about hit me with a vengence which is just mean since my body has already fooled me enough lately! Oh well so far today has been manageable smile

evey-vdw - Aww hun that must be hard on you mentally and emotionally now that you are coming onto your 11th cycle but hang in there as im sure your BFP is just around the corner! This is my 6th cycle and even I find it quite hard seeing some ladies come and go VERY quickly with their BFP'S and you can't help but think "Oh thats soo not fair, how come they got lucky so soon? What about me? When is it my turn?" etc. As much as we are happy for them, it certainly isnt easy! I will be crossing all my fingers and toes that this is your lucky month. Throwing loads of positive vibes and baby dust your way!!! smile

Ellek1 - Oh wow sounds like you are doing alot of great stuff in helping to get that sticky bean, well done you! Especially cutting out the coffee haha wink We too are trying the SMEP so hopefully it is very successful for the both of us. Good luck with O and if your cycles match like it did when you conceived your 20 mth old then your BFP can't be too far away then. Fingers x for ya!

I have a very strong feeling that July is gonna be even luckier than June and there is going to be many BFP'S!! All of us included too smile xo

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