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evap lines or positive your thoughts please Lock Rss

These line appeared in seconds and I'm not sure as I've had a phew lower sensitivity ones say negative but the ones I used are 15 miU so should I try first response thanks in advance xx
Evaporative lines won't appear so quick if it appeared in seconds. So it could be a positive. You can get false negatives.
You could wait a couple of days and test again, otherwise, FR Early Response are 7.5miU/ml so they are more sensitive. You could grab one of those and try with your first morning wee. How many DPO are you? and when is/was AF due? Those might help determine when to test.
I've done them all with fmu but I'm not sure when af is due as I've just had my fourth children nearly 6 weeks ago resumed marital sex 3 days after delivery and normally I've had my af within the first 3 weeks I had some light spotting then but nothing to warrant wearing any pads etc so I'm not sure gp done test before I did these recent ones and his one was inconclusive today I've just done a first response which is supposed to be 15 miU sensitivity and that's negative so I think I'm not pregnant ???? I've never had this happen to me before these were sainsburys uk tests and there 25 miU sensitivity xx but as for ovulating I've defo done that this month as always get severe migraines I had that 4 days before the spotting maybe I'm just getting my hopes up for number 5 sooner not that religion should matter to all but I'm catholic and I obviously don't use contraception prolife so I get number 5 soon if not this month but I hate it when I'm not pregnant I'm very ill with a few conditions and pregnancy takes it all away x x I love children too xx
Hello! I'm ttc my 2nd! got a white line straight away too.. :/ got no idea what it means yet but I'm guessing to re-test! Good luck ! smile
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