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TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

Hi there,
I was wondering if any ladies out there were going to embark on their first experience of ivf and want to share their journey. My hubby and I have been trying to fall preggers for the past 3 years to no avail. I'm 33 and he is 39. I have quite a good case of PCOS and have been on metformin and clomid for the past year. Hubby's swimmers are fine so I'm claiming the issue!!!! ???? will be off to see the nurse for our first appointment end of next week and start the first cycle around 22 July ..give or take a few days. Would love to find other girls that are going through the same thing as, as much as I am excited....I a little nervous about it all.
Hey Becca, I start my injections on Tuesday!!! hubby and I have been ttc for 8 years. We have had lots of ups and downs, I've had to get my weight down, hes been very unwell with his health at times and I've been diagnosed with Endo, so its been a very long process for us. We have both male and female factors for our struggles, his chronic health condition has played a role in sperm and my Endo. I'm also all the normal emotions, nervous/excited etc
Fingers crossed for us both
Hi Nicola. So happy to hear from you. How exciting. Don't worry I will be here with u all the way ???? I'm sorry to hear it's been a long process for this the first time u have tried Ivf? I'm guessing it is. I'm definitely scared and excited. Let's keep positive and put it out there (of which I'm finding hard to do as I don't want to be hurt) but positive thoughts bring positive things ???? let me know how u go on Tuesday. Apparently the first injection is a walk in the park. Take care and exciting!!!!?
Ohh Shazzie!!! Yeah its our first try. Is it yours? My first injection was this morning, I've got bruserilin twice a day and start peragon on Thursday. Excuse my spelling lol. Yeah the injections were easy, didn't even feel them. I reckon as long as I'm in quiet surroundings etc I'mm be fine. I went to the bedroom tonight to do the night one cause hubby was watching a beat-'em-up movie.
Do you know yet when you are having your tranfser? Fingers crossed for those little embryos!!! Let us know how you get on. grin
Hi Shazzie no probs and my pleasure. Wow egg collection already. Nice work. How are you feeling so far? Hope it's not too sore for you. I'm looking forward to hearing how ur little eggs go. Did they manage to get a few for you? I'm having the short cycle...anga..something. Four weeks from wo to go. How about you?

Good job Nicola on the first injection. Quiet surroundings sound like a plan smile a beat me up movie probably got you pshyed up to do it lol.

Went and had my nurse chat today as my good o'l period could rock up any day from Friday to next sat and I'm off to Sydney for work for the next two days...kinda annoying not knowing when she comes, but all ready to go when it does (gotta love PCOS).

Good luck over the next few days girlies if I'm not on here and baby goodness to us ????
Hi ladies! I'm also starting my first round of IVF end of July. Hubby and I are both 33 and been trying for a few years now. Apart from a little endo (I didn't have any symptoms but gyno decided to have a look anway) which was cleaned up a couple of months ago there is nothing else wrong so we going to give it a go. I'm so used to negative results every month that its hard to get my hopes up for the IVF. Everyone tells me to be positive but I just feel like I'm going through the motions now, maybe it's a good thing so I won't be too disappointed if it doesn't work. Anyway, I'm glad I came across this thread as its good to have support from others in a similar boat. Good luck to everyone...and I promise to be more positive from now on! Lol
Hi ladies and welcome stax_c

Just realised that all my smiley faces are coming out as ‘?’ so to avoid confusion I will be smiling but quietly on the inside from now on! Lol

That’s great to hear that your eggs are coming along nicely Shazzie but sorry about the pain. That’s no good at all. I hope work hasn’t been too tough for you the last couple of days and you have managed to rest up a little. How are your little embroys tracking today? I understand it must be disappointing but don’t worry too much about having to wait a little longer…you’ve waited 4 years already…get your body back to a good place and it will be a much nicer environment for a little embryo to stick to and have a party in. You have also done the hard yards, so good work and try to relax a little.

I do know about hyper stimulation….better case for us with PCOS….nurse mentioned it the other day. She mentioned that my first daily injections of Gonal F will be at a low dose 150ml from memory. Do you know what dosage you were on?

Nicola how are you injections coming along? I’ve dug out the paperwork that the nurse gave me and it actually looks like I’m on different stuff to what both you and Shazzie are/were you. Apparently im starting off with the Gonal F, then 5 days later starting with orgalutran and then the trigger injection is Ovidrel. Do any of these sound familiar to either of you?

Stax_C how exciting and I totally get your head space about the disappointment and Im sure the other girls would agree. I was/still am a little the same but trying super super hard to think positive and that it will happen, whether the first time of transfer or if hopefully I have some extra eggs that are viable for later down the track. Ive changed my wording of things…no longer do I say to my hubby ‘if we have a baby’ its now ‘when we have the baby’ (kinda spinning us both out but is helping me visual and send positive goodness out there!) Might be crazy but I really think it may help. Do you know roughly what date you will be starting the treatment?

Take care girlies
Hi Shazzie, I can't wait to be there exciting...good on your eggs smile That's great news!! OK so I'll be on a similar dosage of the first drug as you were. I remember the nurse saying that some people are told to take 450ml. No sign of my period yet, blooming first time ever I've wanted it to come so bad! lol No sore boobs, nothing. I've even feeling pretty normal and not my crazy hormone fuelled self which I normally am at this stage haha. I told my hubby to enjoy it whilst it lasts!
Thanks for the words of encouragement ladies smile I should be starting around 28 July. Not sure what meds I'll be taking yet coz I lost the piece of paper with that info on it, lol. But I do know that I'll be on the less intensive course, which hopefully means fewer side effects. I'm going to see the nurse next week Tuesday to pick up all the injections so will find out more about it then and keep you all posted. That's great that you got some good eggs Shazzie..I would be super happy if I end up with similar numbers! Good luck for the first dose becca...hope it starts soon!!
Hi gals! I had this reply all written out and then saw there was a second page to the topic so clicked it and lost my reply!!
My injections are going well, still not 100% on the preogon pen, I ended up with bruises one night cause I decided to do that one first and I must have wriggled the needle as I pulled it out and I did the same for bruserilin. I'm convincing myself that my body is working on something as I have a few side effects, nothing bad, just things my body doesn't normally do. I think my temp must be up a degree or 2 as I feel like a little oven, not cold when others are cold, waking up sweating etc. Also my exczema has cleared up and my nails aren't growing!! Silly things.
I have my first blood test tomorrow, so we will begin to see how things are going this week.
I've had to be strong and pull out of something at work cause it was stressing me out, we are meant to be getting a new operating system and the training was the Tuesday of the week the clinic is expecting to do egg collection and the boss wanted me to train everyone. At first I was convincing myself I would be fine and I could do it and fit everything in but in the end I realised I was having to convince myself cause I was stressed. We have to be honest and kind to ourselves hey.
How are those little embryos doing Shazzie? Great to hear you got some good ones.
Are you home from your time away yet Becca? Any sign of your period?
Welcome Stax. I can understand the emotions, some days I don't even think things could change - thinking why would they now, its been so long, to other days, my hopes are so high I can't even think why science could fail me.
Hi girlies,
Shazzie she’s still a no show….ill match you and make it two weeks late! Lol Starting to lose my patience a little so I’m sure she’s a coming ha-ha. How are the little embryo’s travelling, anymore news? I imagine that they will be in the cold by now. Are you feeling a little better?

Good to hear your injections are going well Nicola. The positive thing I suppose is that at least we don’t have to do them the whole month – it makes me feel for type 1 diabetics! I hope that your bruises are getting a little nicer and you’ve got the hang of the pen. I remember the nurse telling me that this is going to be the closest feeling to menopause being in my 30’s so enjoy. Had a good giggle. So that will explain the sweats and the flushes. Nails not growing…now that’s just plain weird! Lol Got to admit that I was having some serious sweats at certain times during the month on clomid. How did you bloods go? Did they need to adjust any of your dosages?

Also good on you for being true to yourself and your body and for pulling out of running the training. The last thing you want to do right now is stress yourself out. Your body and health is way too important, work is work and it will still be there the next week and the week after. I work for a small training company and we are like family here (my husband even works with me), so I’ve decided to let them know what we are doing and have some awesome support from their side already. I’m a terrible liar and was getting myself in a pickle already with what to say when I have appointments and need to be away from work. I’m super lucky. But I’m back on the Goldie and in the office (which I love – spent too many years travelling for work I love now living in my little Gold Coast bubble).

Stax 8 days to go and counting hey... looks like you are going to beat me to the post at the rate im going lol. Let us know what funky jabs they give you – I’m intrigued at the differences. To be honest I’d thought we’d all be on the same stuff, just different dosages.
Hi Shazzie, wow that’s awesome to hear. Five hey. Nice work. Good job with the donation too of the others. We will be doing the same. Cycle day numero 36 (I think the longest I have had in the last year has been 38) I think you will all be giving birth and I’ll still be waiting for my period! lol. Haven’t picked up the drugs yet. I have to ring my nurse when I get my period full flow after 12pm (this is only considered day one). I then go in on day 2 for the scans and blood tests. If all is good I have to go back in the afternoon to collect the meds and start straight away. Bit of tooing and frowing as its 30 minutes away but the good thing is that I can get there before work as they open at 7 and I start at 8.30.

Hope everyone is doing fine and feeling well x
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