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TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

Oh Becca, I hope your not getting too frustrated, easier said than done though hey, I know I would be. Take care of yourself while you wait.
Have you got anything special planned to take your mind off things while you wait Shazzie?
I have to go back into the clinic tomorrow to get some more puregon as one of my hormones was still too low and they have upped my doseage to 300. Hubby took the phone call and didn't catch the name of what was still low lol. I will have to ask tomorrow. I have to have another blood test on Thursday, no scans yet. Don't know what that will do for timing of egg collection either, another question to ask.
I figured all the sweats etc would be a part of it. I was telling my mum about it and she was like 'Your hormaonal!' Yes mum I know lol

Hi all
Went to see the nurse today and got my's starting to become very real now! Lol.
So I'm on 225IU Puregon and then the antagonist is Orgalutran.
It's good that pulled out of your work thing Nicola...I'm also trying not to stress at work. I only told my boss about the IVF and she understands which is great. Then I'm making sure plenty of people are up to date with what I'm doing so that if I feel at all stressed or not feeling too good then I will take time off. Got to give our bodies the best chance of success!
Shazzie...glad you got some good embryos, such a pity you got to wait for the first transfer though.
And Becca, Hang in will come soon I'm sure smile
Who knew baby making would test our patience this much...but I suppose it's good practice for when we do have kids and will need quite a bit of patience, haha
Lol Nicola. Too funny.

Stax super exciting!!! Yeay.

Found something on the internet the other day and thought it was pretty interesting and thought I’d share. In summary I got….
• Should eat pineapple and the core for 5 days starting from the embryo day
• Should walk a lot to keep the circulation flowing
• If you have bad circulation use cayenne pepper to increase blood flow
• Being winter and all warm feet = warm uterus
• Drink room temperature or warm water to keep your body temp at a more optimal level
• Eat warm veggies and basically food that is not cold
• Eat avocado
• Eat walnuts
• Eat eggs

Have a squiz here…..

Worth a try perhaps
Very interesting Becca, I will def give these tips a go. I love pineapple but unfortunately it doesn't love me
sad gives me the worst indigestion. I used to sneak a few bits but even just a small piece almost kills me now, lol. I got two little dogs so already doing a daily walk smile
Anywone else doing acupuncture? I have been going for a few months....hoping it will help with the IVF, who knows, I'm willing to try anything now, lol.
Hey Shazzie, yip they are pretty regular. Should be starting next week around the 28th smile just hoping it doesn't start early tho coz I have a couple of evening shifts tue/wed and I don't want to be figuring out the first injection at work! Lol. My boss hasn't put me on any shifts in August coz she knows I'm doing IVF but unfortunately the roster for July came out a couple of months ago before I even knew I was going to do it :-/
Yeah I'm still all good with the injections, running out of space cause I'm not wanting to do them too close to where I can already see injection sites lol
Stax, hopefully you get the chance to figure out your injections at home before you have to start doing them at work. Are you taking them to work with you? or is hubby bringing them to you? I work Monday nights till 10pm so hubby is bringing them to me. I guess its a way for him to help him feel involved smile
Stax – wonder if you are allergic to it? My colleague just went and saw this amazing naturopath the other day and went through a world of food tolerance testing and she found out that pineapples don’t agree with her…also grapes are super toxic for her which explains why she’s never like wine! Poor thing. A grape/wine intolerance would be the death of me! lol Must go have a go though as she found out some pretty random/cool stuff.

Good on you for doing acupuncture. I’ve been thinking to give it a whirl too for some time. I remember whilst on a fasting detox in Thailand back in 2008 that one of the other fasters was an acupuncturist from the UK that had specialised in fertility. I remember him telling me that he has seen a big increase in the number of couples with fertility issues having kids after coming to see him. Always stuck in my head.

Shazzie don’t you worry, I’d be excited to hear of your period lol!!! We need to get those little eggs up in there girlfriend ? Glad to hear that you feeling recovered.

So girlies what time have you been doing your jabs? I’m guessing by the looks of things in the evening. I just assumed that they would need to be done in the morning. I imagine before bed would be much better cause you get to sleep straight away. Nicola good to hear that the injections are going well…apart from the running out of space issue…you sound like a bit of a pin cushion at the minute lol…how is your mind doing? Are you feeling ok?

Hey Becca, I've been told that I need to inject between 8pm-10pm, although I didn't ask why, lol. I guess maybe coz it is better to do it in a relaxed state and not just before you rush out the door to work in the morning, or maybe it's a hormonal thing. I've also developed an intolerance to brocolli and cauliflower as well, and I love both of them too!! At least I'm not intolerant to dairy and wheat - coz then life really wouldn't be worth living, hahaha. But that's a good idea about going to a naturopath, I'm definitely going to look into it. Acupuncture is pretty good. I bring in my temp chart and she works to get them nice and calm.

Nicola, unfortunately I work too far away for my hubby just to pop in and bring the injections, so I'll have to take them to work with me sad
Hi guys.... I am also starting my first IVF in a couple of weeks. Appt on Monday so will find out more details then! At this stage don't know too much other than the doc said next period. I am 40 and my partner is 43. TTC for a few years now but also been crazy few years so we didn't put too much thought into it till now, unfortunately.... I have done fertility acupuncture and chinese medicine for a few months before now. Herbs are not the most pleasant thing I have had to drink and the acupuncture has become quite relaxing although still freaks me out when the needles go in! I am not continuing the chinese herby drink once I start the injections but will be continuing with the acupuncture. Apparently the acupuncture works well with the IVF.

I am a little nervous about the whole IVF thing although reading these blogs have helped me understand a bit more about what you have to go through. Wasn't sure about taking time off work, will I be sick, in pain??? But I think I will play it by ear and see what happens...

Good luck to you all at whatever stage you are at! I will keep you posted after Monday...

T x
Stax & Shazzie makes perfect sense to do at night. I will definitely push for that when I pick up the goodness. I’m such a granny so 7.30pm sounds like a plan. Hurray too…… CD 38 and still waiting patiently!! Lol I think I might just burn this witch at the stake for being so utterly late, just plain rude really!! ?
Welcome Tams nice to have you join us. Good on you too for doing some alternative therapies. Definitely can’t hurt. I think we all have to just go with the flow when it comes to the IVF cycles – depending on how your body handles it all, it definitely sounds like a kind case by case basis as to how it all pans out. I think playing by ear is the best strategy. That is definitely what I will be doing. If you end up feeling a little crappy just don’t go to work – not worth it I think, especially if you are investing so much into this. Have you been told if you have any endo or PCOS? Good luck with Monday and HOW EXCITING!!!!

Hope your doing well Nicola and that egg collection is on track.

Thanks Ladies... Yep just day by day me thinks and if I need a day off then so be it!! Not one to take any sick days so find it hard to not work but if it has to be done then it has to be done!!
Becca-as far as I know there are no problems. Will probably find out more on Monday but in the past tests no probs! Fingers crossed for you hope she rears her head soon...

Welcome Tams smile yip definitely just go with the flow and try not to stress. At the end of the day do what's best for you to get a successful outcome, at least that's what I keep telling myself, lol.
Geez Becca, I bet you going bonkers waiting for it start! lol. I felt a bit crampy today, and for the first time I started to get excited about the IVF. So now I just want my period to start so I can begin, but still a few days away unfortunately sad oh well, will try to keep busy until then....
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