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  5. TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat????

TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

Welcome Tams x Day by day is pretty much how I've taken the whole process, I didn't really want to be taken in by other peoples experiences really.
My levels must have jumped up cause the clinic have requested a scan on Sunday smile 2 weeks in and getting the injections is becoming a bit of a mind game happy so hopefully I get an idea of how much longer on Sunday smile
As for times to do injections, I am on bruserilin twice a day and Puregon at night. Was told they HAD to be done at the same time every day, bruserilin at least, so we had to work out what would work with my hours for work. I do the morning at 6am, one day a week I have to leave for then and at night I do at 7pm and hubby brings it to work on my late night
Wow Nicola, so you are taking 3 injections a poor thing sad good luck for Sunday!!
So I've just had the text from the clinic after my bloods and scan this am. My hormone levels still aren't up where clinic wants them to be, so I am to continue and get bloods and scans done on Wednesday, I will wait to hear what they say then before I start saying 'I think I need to ask...' The dr this morning mentioned that there wasn't a great jump in my levels between my Monday bloods, which had 4 nights of 225ul Peregon and Thursdays test which had 4 nights of 300ul Peregon. We will see.... my pincoushin continues
Thankfully I have swapped shifts tomorrow so I get to do all my injections at home rather than the night ones in the carpark at work lol
Hi all,
I didn't see this forum and just opened one today then went to see if anyone replied and saw this one. Yeahy!!!
Thought I would say hi and join in.
I am on my first cycle of IVF. I have two days left of injections and until scan date. I am hoping I will have enough little ones that are healthy to turn into a bundle to cuddle. I am not sure if I will have any, as time is ticking for me. Well fingers crossed and I am sprinkling plenty of baby dust your way.
Hi Ladies, and welcome Kazeybear smile good luck for the upcoming scan!
Nicola, sorry to hear about your levels, hopefully they will be all good in the next couple of days.
So I have some good news to report - today is my day 1, yay! (Becca I soooo hope yours has started too...I really didn't want to beat you to it) so I'll phone the nurse tomorrow and hopefully she will give me the all clear to begin the injections tomorrow evening. Such a a relief as this means I will be at home and not at work for my first attempt!
Hi ladies and welcome Kazybear

So news flash… I’m still waiting for my period…..CD 41. lol Gotta laugh about it all really. Just really bizarre this month apart from getting a little cranky a week or so ago I’ve got no normal pms symptoms. No bloating, no sore boobs, no bigger boobs….nada. Just sometimes a few back aches and a slight headache that comes and goes, random cramps too which I only ever get once I my period has started. I couldn’t resist doing a pregnancy test as I just don’t feel she’s a coming but of course it was negative. She will come when she’s ready I suppose. I think if it doesn’t arrive by Friday I will get in contact with my nurse to see what she thinks we should do. I already emailed her last week to let her know that we hadn’t done a runner on her!! lol

Nicola – Sorry to hear that you need to stay on the drugs a little longer. Ur poor tummy. Did they up your dosage from 300ul? Fingers and toes crossed Wednesday is your day.

Tams – good luck today with your appointment

Stax – yeay!!! Awesome news. How exciting Good luck tonight with the jabs and glad you get to be at home. Let us know how you go.

Shazzie – How you feeling. U all recovered and back on track?

Kazybear – glad you tracked us down! Good luck with the last two days of jabs and hope that scan brings lots of goodness. Let us know how you go!

Well had appointment today and I start next week... I am due anywhere between Monday and Thursdsay so whenever she comes?? I start on melatonin tablets and testosterone cream tomorrow then Gonal-f injections next week! Not sure of the dose but I pick up the drugs tomorrow and they then go further into detail and show me how to do my injections etc. Its all much more real now... Aaaggghh

Welcome Kazybear and good luck for the scan!

Becca.... Cant believe its been sooooo long!! I have everything crossed that she comes very very soon!

Stax... Good luck with your first injections!

Shazzie... Fingers crossed for you too that she comes on time

Nicola... Hope your levels come right soon

Good luck to everyone!!

So I just attempted my first was quite nerve wracking! Lol. I was fully expecting it to be painful as I once had a clexane shot in the stomache (suspected dvt after a long flight) and that hurt like hell. But it doesn't hurt at all when the needle goes in. Then I couldn't push the nob down so I took the needle out and then put it in again and this time figured out how to push it in. It's a bit odd the way it turns. I'm sure some liquid came out though so not sure if I gave myself the full dose...oh well. And also now it both spots where I stuck the needle in. I'm such an idiot, lol.
I go for my first blood test on Friday then the first scan on Sunday. nice to be finally on the road!

Becca...I was so hoping you were pregnant instead! That would have been great!
Well Done Stax on your first injection! Albeit double one and potentially not the full dose... Lol At least you know for the next one! Good luck for Friday and Sunday!
Hi everyone,

Stax that is great to hear you are on your way. Ouch to the needles. I just can't do it myself I am such a big sook.

Shazzie I hope it all goes to schedule for you.

Becca I hope AF shows soon for you. I was 5 days late before I started and it felt like forever.

Tams that is good news. Melatonin I read about that last night that it can increase chances. It wasn't on the menu for me. I am on 300ui Gonal F and Cetrotide.

Nicola I hope you don't have too long to go with the injections.

Tomorrow morning is my last lot of needles than my scan. I have all fingers and toes crossed which is making it hard to type to you all Hehe.
I am going to go and have acupuncture tomorrow evening and I hope to discuss a few more around implantation day. I read that massages and laughing can increase chances of success so I have told my better half he has to give me a massage (hehe).

Best wishes to all smile
All the best for tomorrow Kazybear!!
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